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After John Gerrard took my spot as the active district judge in Lincoln, I followed tradition and moved out of the fancy chambers I had used for the previous 18 years. I decided to use the “visiting judge’s” chambers adjacent to the courtroom that Magistrate Judge Zwart and I share. My “new” chambers are perfectly serviceable, although I kid about the absence of an Article III bathroom.*

I thought perhaps you might be interested in seeing where I hang out with my two career law clerks (Jan and Jim) and my assistant (Kris). If so, and with apologies for the grainy quality of the clip, have a look at the one minute video below.**


*For earlier posts complaining about my lack of an Article III toilet, see here and here.

**I was reminded by Gabi that this video may annoy the hyper sensitive judicial security people with the United States Marshals Service. Since my nose sprays blood constantly and, despite earlier lies to the contrary, I do suffer from Ebola, they need not be concerned. No self-respecting terrorist from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant wants to die hemorrhaging blood from his anus after contracting Ebola from a Kafir (Arabic: كافر‎ kāfir) who especially loves bacon. I am perfectly safe.

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  1. Last 2 sentences not just “Judge Funny”, but really funny. Thanks for a laugh before heading off to the Island of Misfit Toys (Court).

  2. grandfathered in is my guess. any judge who had 2 (or more) career clerks when the rules changed were permitted to retain them.

  3. Anon.,

    You are correct. Being old seldom has advantages. However, in this case Jan and Jim were grandfathered. I am very fortunate because these two were real lawyers before they came to work for me, and their judgment is better than mine. All the best.


  4. And here I read earlier about all this Husker enthusiasm and yet I didn’t see one football momento. Not even an autographed picture of the Coach/Congressman. Some fan you are.

  5. Thanks for showing us the real behind the scenes tour. It is much appreciated.

    My first reaction was, wow, the Marshals will be upset about the breach of security. My second reaction was that you need to visit the Southern District of NY and visit their Chambers. Article III Majesty never had it so good-beauty and history all wrapped up in one. Plus parking in lower Manhattan!

  6. Rob,

    I used to keep framed copies of death threats, but then I started spelling like those idiots, so I took them down. All the best.


  7. Rob,

    I forgot to add that the video shows my bust of Lincoln with a Pabst Blue Ribbon hat. The video doesn’t do it justice, and so, see here for a better photo.

    All the best.


  8. =As long as you do not bleed from your eyes its probably not Ebola. Does sharing courtroom with Judge Magistrate reenact the myth of eternal return? Always a delight when you are just you.

  9. repentinglawyer,

    Hadn’t thought of it that way, but, yes, sorta. But the courtroom I used in Omaha when I was an MJ had five sides.* A weird courtroom for a weird guy.

    All the best.


    *That was in the old 9 story joint use building with the horrid teal tiles gracing the outside.

  10. You’re my kind of nut**, Judge. Re: yesterday’s Bloody Mary response, I recommend Laird’s Applejack. A snort before bed when the weather gets chilly.

  11. Jill,

    And from a distinguished heritage too:

    William Laird, a County Fyfe Scotsman, emigrated from Scotland in 1698 and settled in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Believed to be a distiller by trade, he applied his skills to the most abundant natural resource available in this area of the New World – apples.

    Applejack was a well known “cyder spirit” throughout growing America. In the 1820’s, American evangelist John Chapman, better known as “Johnny Appleseed”, preached to congregations along the Ohio River Valley, and distributed apple seeds to his followers. He also instructed them in the production of Applejack- hence the continued popularity of Applejack in this region.

    All the best.


  12. This gets you in the door and in her presence if you’d like to attend: http://www.fedbar.org/Chapters/Southern-District-of-New-York-Chapter/Calendar/Southern-District-of-New-York-Chapter-Swearing-In-of-New-FY2015-Officers.aspx. You’d likely be an honored guest if you can make it. Getting a tour of her Chambers is for you to negotiate on your own.

    Memorial Sloan-Kettering is uptown and only a short cab ride away if you want to make it a working vacation and not miss any treatments. Then we’d swing over the Brooklyn Bridge so you’d meet Judge Block of the EDNY. I don’t know if you’d get a reception like the Beatles but we’re generally friendly to out of towners.

  13. Judge:
    It may not merit a photo shoot in Architectural Digest but it gets the job done. Think of it as simple and straightforward as the person who presides within it (although the bust of President Lincoln wearing a Pabst Blue Ribbon hat is a rather unique touch).

  14. I think those are very attractive chambers/offices. I really don’t care for the ultra fancy offices and find it hard to concentrate with too many fancy decorations. A couple of questions: 1) Do you have a clean desk policy or are the people in your office just really good at filing and keeping papers in order? I think one of the craziest things about being a lawyer is the immense amount of paper that accumulates (even in the days of computers). 2) Do you have a view? Do the people in your office look out the window and enjoy a touch of nature or a panoramic scene of a parking lot?

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