On Going to Omaha with a bloody nose

Got up at 4:00 AM this morning. Had another bloody nose and I am still having trouble getting it stopped as I pen this piece. My legs and feet are swollen up again.

I have to leave early to drive the 60 miles between Lincoln and Omaha. I have a judges’ meeting in Omaha that will burn up the morning. After our big meeting, I will also visit with Chief Judge Smith-Camp and Judge Gerrard, my colleague in Lincoln, about getting back into the case assignment wheel on December 1, assuming that bloody noses and leg and feet swelling are not a harbinger of bad things to come when I undergo my late November PET scan.

Photo credit: Thesun.co.uk.  Don't you love the British tabloids?

Photo credit: Thesun.co.uk. Don’t you love the British tabloids?

This afternoon, I will meet with the head drug prosecutor for the district, a senior probation officer and a federal defender to fine tune our handling of sentence reduction matters due to the retroactive amendment to the drug tables. In our little district, we have about 700 of those sentence reduction matters.

I feel foolish as I type this with a long piece of twisted Kleenex sticking out of my left nostril. Just for fun, when I get to Omaha, I think I will tell my colleagues: “Don’t worry, UNMC thinks there’s only a small chance of Ebola.”

I feel better already.


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  1. Judge, if your counts are low you shouldn’t go. If you don’t know what they are you should find out. Relapse is only one of many possibilities most of which are easily treatable. The law will survive without you for a day. Dean

  2. Dean,

    Really, I am fine. This happens fairly frequently. Joan’s family is full of medical people in Omaha, so no worries. I appreciate your concern.

    All the best.


  3. sdroar has a point, Judge. Do what you can, but don’t try to be Superman. Get some rest and put your feet up on the weekend. Thinking good thoughts for you.

  4. Probably bad form in the meetings, though, to wipe your nose on your sleeve like we used to do in the first grade.

    If you’re worried about appearances with Kleenex hanging out of your nose, stick a strip of toilet paper to your belt. They’ll never see the Kleenex.

    Eric Hines

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