Foiling the French

Despite the despicable metric system foisted upon us by the French, good old American ingenuity has foiled the Frenchies once again.

With an acknowledgment to, see the following:



PS Despite the nomenclature used in the foregoing table, it is “teener” not “Teenager” in Nebraska. San Francisco is so politically correct. Try pronouncing “Teenager” without your front teeth!



2 responses

  1. Judge:
    This is like the old joke about a school test that goes “If Johnny smokes two marijuana joints in one hour, how many Twinkies is he likely to eat later on when he gets the munchies?”

  2. Robert,

    I think the French were responsible for the attempt to kill Twinkies. But, like all fine American cuisines, Twinkies can still be consumed by Tweakers!

    All the best.


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