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  1. OK!

    I wont even go there with a retort. It could get operatic.

    Life is good.

    Point taken.

    Steady your endeavors. No harm intended.

  2. Oh shit I just woke up from a dream with that chick that aggregated herself into a something or another “revolution” with an electronic huff while mounting a bluff.

    Please excuse me for landing in your back yard without checking the banner.

    Keep going there Judge.

    P.S. I always fly with a round bottomed copper pot that can facilitate some wicked Eggs Benedict if you haven’t had breakfast yet…

  3. You have my word!

    Nap time it is.

    You best step it up though in your neighbors back yards.

    P.S. The deference has nothing to do with that robe you have yet to tailor.

  4. P.S.S. I only roll under John Barleycorn. You can cross check that,

    I my be down a rabbit hole here when I should be riding an alpaca but the esteemed one is going sharpie lines on opera.

    I need a nap anyway. Relevant my way or not.

    I know a few good tailors if you come into the market.

  5. oK then o my…WTF most of your readers in a conibear with a single spring?

    You have more to share than learnJudge but time to shuffle the deck.

    Get over the titanium tenure.

    use it though

    I am near my morning tea. I need a nap.

    This one might be very near with you or not even in the parking lot.

    context reigns so seldom used from the bench.

    If you have no objections, I intend to heckle, taunt, and throw empty beer cups at you from the cheap seats after I awake from my nap.

    context….decades will never replace skill, if you have the opportunity bring the sledge hammer to the administrative show and tell with your future brethren and dose them all.

  6. Crumudgeon,I should have been listed among the sinners, but being the target of you and the Perfesser is as close as I will ever get to being a federal judge. How could I not respond.

  7. To sew the fur in the territories is still legal. But you must trap it first…

    Believe it or not Judge these arts still exist.

    Don’t tell anybody!

  8. Justin,

    I hope both continue to comment. If they do, I hope they use discretion about the number and length of comments. All the best.


  9. “Your wish is my command, Your Honor.” 🙂 I know better than to disobey a judge in his own courtroom.

    But I would like to float a suggestion, Judge Kopf. Every once in a while, you could add a post called “Sidebar,” where side-discussions engendered by a blog post can be discussed without mucking up the post itself. Any response that is either to you or “on-topic” belongs in the main blog, but tangents like the one we went off on really don’t. Problem is, we haven’t had anywhere else to take them, so by default, we muck up the thread.

    For instance, you asked Curmudgeon to “put up or shut up” … and s/he elected to put up. That belongs in the main blog. A comment about the goofy CA-6 decision on SSM would also belong in that thread (subject to it being cumulative), as it speaks to the assertion that our judges have become proxies for warring political factions, and not in flattering terms. But a discussion of the meaning of the Article III good behavior clause is, admittedly, a bit far afield.

    What I might do to take that tangent is write a post in the sidebar, and invite repentinglawyer to “respond in sidebar” in the main thread. He either accepts the invitation, or he does not. Thus, edifying discussion is not stifled, whereas our whole “courtroom” is spared from having to wade through tangents that might not interest them.

  10. Enjoyed it, my friend. But I think he was speaking more to the length of the posts, which were dictated in large degree by the abstruse subject matter. For instance, one can’t simply say that Blackstone was common currency, and that he spoke to how good behavior was enforced. One must prove it, and you deserved at least that.

  11. Judge I am game but Bill Blue Jay is still smarting from Crumudgen’s 113 remark, and the Perfesser was unkind in revealing obvious knowledge of my weight problems, particularly since pension leaves little room for truffels.

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