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  1. Jon, you have a real problem with rational perspective. Seriously, until I read your post, what you stated never even entered my mind. Thanks for the insult to intelligence.

  2. Seriously, MOK? I’m not from Los Angeles (or anywhere close), but recognized the reason why South LA was specifically used as a dogwhistle to make that exact point. Just to make sure my thoughts conformed to reality I went in search to verify the actual demographics were what I thought.


    As you’ll see from this link, South LA is almost 99% minority races, overwhelmingly black and hispanic.

  3. I don’t think your intentions are racist, but if I were a black person who’d been convicted in your court I’d definitely show this to my lawyer.

  4. Good reply, SLS! Let me just say, it appears to me that some folks simply fail to recognize scathing satire (i.e., the Judge’s reference to Richard Pryor above). Knee jerk reactions are the rule for some – a sense of humor at our human failings be damned. Sigh . . . .

  5. Judge:
    IMHO, it would have been just as funny if the product being reviewed had been in a home located on Fifth Avenue. I get the sense some people are still a little touchy after Tuesday’s elections results.

  6. Judge, Years ago I objected to the AUSA’s closing in a criminal case, Judge Denney overrules the objection but later told the AUSA that he could have one all day with saying what he had. Perhaps the story has relevance here. I might add that I lost my client went away for a good while. As he always did on such occasions the Judge reminded me he has introduced my parents. Never quite sure if that would have made the client feel better.

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