A note about editing and talented and nice people

I like to write. I am, however, a horrible editor of my stuff. Since I try to put out a daily post, and I have other pressures (like worrying that the idiots will try to fire Bo Pelini, the UNL football coach, a fine man who attracts kids with high character to play a rough sport), errors abound in this blog.

I have correspondents who gently write me with editing suggestions. They don’t fight me on substance. Rather, they do what any good newspaper editor or book publisher would do with a manuscript. They clean it up and make it more readable, more understandable. They attack grammar and spelling errors like a shark after bloody bait. Some even catch very small things like spacing mistakes.

Last night, for example, I substantially edited my earlier post, I am going to kill you!  Those edits were made after I received an e-mail from H. with suggestions worthy of an editor from one of the big book publishing houses. H., I am in your debt.

So, thanks to H. and others for your editorial help. I need and want the assistance, and I appreciate it. I may not always follow your advice, but please know that I have seriously considered it. In short, there are a lot of talented and nice people out there.


PS On a very few occasions, I ask my career law clerk Jan to edit a blog post. With a background in journalism and as a former Editor-in-Chief of the UNL law review, she is able to turn my manure into something less pungent. But, I don’t make a habit of asking her to edit the blog since she has real work to do.


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