Kopf to ABA Blog Contest: “Please accept my resignation. I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member”

Last year, I noted that the ABA blog contest was silly and what I really wanted as a prize was the much coveted “Order of the Lenin” rather than a cheesy sticker I could add to the site.

Despite my derision, the ABA sent me the following e-mail that I received four days ago:

Dear Blawgger,

Congratulations are in order.

Your blawg has earned a spot in the ABA Journal’s Blawg 100, our 8th annual list of the best in blogs about lawyers and the law.

The full list appears in the December issue of the magazine, which was posted online today.

As we have in the past, we’re inviting our readers to select their favorites from each of the 13 categories represented in our Blawg 100.

Voting begins today and ends at close of business Dec. 19. Winners will be announced in January.

We invite you to:

• Urge your readers to vote for your blog here.

• Add a Blawg 100 badge to your site. You can find them here.

• Announce your selection with a press release. You can find a sample release here.

• Subscribe here to a list of fellow Blawg 100 bloggers on Twitter. (If you can’t find your handle on the list, please contact us.)

So thanks for your hard work this year. We appreciate the high quality of news and analysis your blog provides to our legal community.

That really, really pissed me off.

I have done everything I can to be excluded from such idiocy. I have insulted female trial lawyers because I am a dirty old man. I expressed my view that Congress should go to hell. I told the Supreme Court to STFU. I engaged in a myriad of snarky exchanges with oh-so-brilliant law professors. I expressed my virulent anti-Catholic bias. Of course, I’m clearly a racist too! (In fact, I am so tempted to scream “Burn this bitch down” that I can hardly stand it.)

What the hell more can I do to get thrown off this list of bull shit?

So this year, I have come up with a solution. Vote for the other guy. I mean it.

BasicIllustratorFileLetter—CSUnder the asinine category of “News/Courts,” here are the bloggers who deserve your vote: Jost on Justice, CourtArtist, Third Branch News, Law Blog, Gavel to Gavel, Trial Insider, Popehat, and Constitution Daily.

Some of you may think that this post is a not so sly effort in reverse psychology to gin up votes for Hercules and the umpire. For you assholes, please remember what H.L. Mencken said, “All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it.”



14 responses

    Would vote for your blog in the contest, but caution precludes me from such public disagreement with a judge?
    Nah, just figure if you don’t want it that is understandable.

  2. Clever.

    I don’t read enough legal blogs to compare them – but your voice is an important honest voice in the blogosphere.

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  4. Judge: Good for you. Of course if you lived in the “Free State of Alabama” you blog would have long ago put you in the bulls eye of the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission which prefers that judges be seen and never heard from,

    Face it, The ABA (also the acronym of the American Bus Association) knows that your inclusion on the list will help them sell magazines and more important advertisements. It is all about the marketing. Besides, some computer program is probably doing all this and will be doing all of it long after we are pushing up daisies.

    Judge Rusty Johnston

  5. Judge,

    First, don’t worry about typos.

    Second, thanks for writing.

    Third, I am glad that I don’t have to worry too much about a judicial Inquiry Commission. Many times they act like a grumpy Ms. Manners. Too often we judges (including me) hide in plain sight and use as an excuse “ethics.” I have made many mistakes on this blog, but I have tried hard to conform to the Code that applies to me. Transparency and candor are neither bad words nor ethical violations.

    Fourth, I belong to the ABA and I am fellow in the ABA Foundation. I like the ABA magazine. But I am not a fan of lists. The reasons are not worth the time it would take to elaborate upon them. It is enough to say, as I have, that they are silly.

    Again, I always like hearing from you. All the best.


  6. Judge Kopf, we are flattered that you even know who we are, even if it took these asinine awards to bring us into your consciousness. We’re longtime fans.

    So we’re voting for Hercules and the Umpire. Congratulations on your magnificent web-log, and long may it reign over the ABA 100.

  7. I’m improbably recalling the 1991 David Duke vs Edwin W. Edwards gubernatorial race where the slogan of note was “Vote for the Crook….. It’s Important.”

    Since you asked so nicely….If you can find any crooks running against you, I’ll be happy to vote for them….

  8. George B.,

    I am so glad you mentioned the Duke/Edwards contest. That was almost as vomit inducing as the ABA blog contest.

    But, back to your question. Although they are not crooks (so far as I know), my personal favorite is Popehat. (See, e.g., here.)

    So here is my answer to your question. Vote for Popehat, they don’t give a shit–and they can think and write too!

    All the best.


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