I turned 68 today.

Very early this morning, Joan’s procedure at the hospital to make sure her cancer had not returned went well. Nothing bad was found. Happy text messages from my kids were received. At our Monday lunch at the office, Jan (career law clerk), Jim (career law clerk), Kris (judicial assistant), Gabi (pro se law clerk) and Ryan (term law clerk) offered up fancy cupcakes. Then they presented me with the chapeau shown below.


I am an undeserving but fortunate soul. I will now STFU.


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  1. If they were smart, they would have purchased such items for themselves, then worn them in your presence. Not that you actually would, ever, STFU. Happy Birthday, you don’t look a day over 84!

  2. Congratulations. Some people think birthdays are a cause for regret. I think they are achievements. Sen. Theodore Francis Green was still in the Senate when he turned 90. A reporter asked him how he felt. “Pretty good, considering the alternative.” Seems to me that’s true at any age.

  3. It seems like congratulations are appropriate all around, for you and for Joan. The very best.


  4. Your good news is my bad news.

    While it confirms all of the good and well-deserved things happening for you and for your family, it also verifies that I am several weeks older than you (I having turned 68 on 9/5/14).

    So, yes, if I may be so bold, and with all due respect, _ _ _ _ (insert letters of your choice here) about your only now turning 68!

    PS: The hat does nothing good for your appearance.

    PSS: Alright, go ahead and have a happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday, Judge. Just don’t wear the hat around law enforcement that doesn’t know you. I would guess that it has the same effect as Question Authority bumper stickers. 😉

  6. Rich,

    Thanks very much. Joan is a wonderful person, and the news was the most wonderful birthday present I could imagine. All the best.


  7. Jon,

    I think birthdays are a time for mature reflection. But that is so out of character for me, I just take another drink.

    All the best.


  8. Happy Birtrhday. Sounds like it was a good day indeed. Certainly better than the Nebraska football coach.

  9. Judge:
    Happy birthday. I like the inscription on Frank Sinatra’s tomb which I heartily commend to you: “The best is yet to come.”

  10. Best of wishes for you and Joan! And a gentle reminder it was not “her” cancer, but a cancer. Never claim what you didn’t want in the first place as your own. That goes for you as well, Rich. heid
    PS: Having only recently learned of Bo and Faux Bo through you, I feel a true loss. Those Cornholers sure know how to wreck a holiday season.

  11. I don’t know you. I have never met you. And every now and then I disagree with your (reasoned and reasonable) opinion. But, from what I have read on your blog, you appear to be a very good and honorable person. Happy Birthday! And, as you would say, all the best!

  12. snakeinthegrass2014,

    First time ever that a snake in the grass has wished me a happy birthday. That’s special, truly. All the best.


  13. Richard,

    Thank you! Yes, it is sadly true that Bo’s day was probably not near as nice as mine. As you know, I don’t take the slightest pleasure in that.

    All the best.


  14. We sang “Happy Birthday to You” in your general direction.

    a) As a special present, you did *not* have to listen to us doing so.

    b) Within hours, we got an ominous looking legal document from the someone in the Eastern District of Texas.

    We’ve afraid to open it… I think we need a lawyer.

  15. Wishing you a belated happy birthday. I’ve spent the morning catching up on your blog from the beginning of the year when you signed off. For some reason today I just decided to check in again. Such a surprise to see all that has happened. Hoping your latest PET scan is promising.

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