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  1. For my money, the greatest tragedy in Pelini’s firing is the demise of Faux Pelini over on the twitter.

  2. And he won, what 9 games each of the last 7 seasons? Sheesh. Texas A&M did that some 15 years ago when they fired R.C. Slocum who won some 9 games for upteen seasons. It took A&M over ten years to get back to where Slocum left them. Be careful what you ask for.

  3. My condolences. Seems like his players really liked him, and, obviously, the guy had a good sense of humor. Maybe Michigan will hire him…..

  4. Some Denver Lawyer,

    Faux Pelini is and was wonderful. Bo will land on his feet, so all is not lost.

    All the best.


    PS Word is that Bo killed the cat!

  5. There may be a job opening up the road in Fort Collins, if the rumor mill is to be believed. CU would be pleased to have another crack at Coach Pelini (hopefully with better results, from CU’s perspective).

    Happy birthday, Judge Kopf. Really enjoy your blog.

    Best, SDL

  6. Some Denver Lawyer,

    That’s fascinating. He is a good person who really cares about his players. They leave better human beings than they were the day they started. All the best.


  7. Anon.,

    While you are right, I really want to say something nasty about cheese, but that would not do anyone any good, least of all Bo. Let’s leave at this: Coach Pelini is a good man, and whenever you fire a good man one ought to feel bad. All the best.


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