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  1. In the video, it’s clear that the dog attacked the raccoon!

    I expect a movement to arise (starting in San Francisco, natch) to require dogs to have collar cams.

  2. Dear Rich, your post about the raccoon brought to mind the outrage some of my sensitive friends expressed when I told them I killed a number of small brown bats who made their way into my bedroom at night. (After a few years, I found and filled the point of entry, but I still keep a fishing net and a barbeque knife in my bedroom closet out of habit.) Do you and I lack sensitivity? Perhaps. I tell my sensitive friends, “Yes. I killed bats in my pajamas. How they got in my pajamas, I have no idea.” Then I wiggle an imaginary cigar and smile.

  3. Anon.,

    Thank you. A shorter version appears in the clip highlighted in the post. By the way, do you suppose there is a culture of violence in the zoo world?

    All the best.


  4. Ah, my apologies, Judge. I admit I did not watch the video because I was familiar with the man throwing the raccoon already. Not to beat a dead [raccoon], but if you go to the bottom of this link, there is an excellent .gif remix of the raccoon that was thrown by the gorilla. In the remix, the raccoon boldly goes where no raccoon has gone before.


  5. You two are a fearful pair with your addiction to cruelty to animals, hope you have it out of your systems when you are on the bench, but being a timid creature I will stay retired.

  6. Anon.,

    Oh, my lord, that is funny! Thank you ever so much. The best part is the terrifying but quick shot of the bared teeth.

    All the best.


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