What’s really behind the Sony hack? “I’m so ronery!”

The world pretends to ponder the motivation for the Sony hack. In our racist and capitalistic viciousness, we consciously overlook the harm our isolation of North Carolina, I mean Korea, has caused their diminutive leaders.

The hack was a cry for help, a helpful trigger warning if you like. Kim Jong Un, just like his father Kim Jong-il, is “so ronery” it hurts. We must show empathy for survivors of roneryness. I am cancelling court today in solidarity.

Although it may be almost more than you can handle, view the following, and then weep with me in empathy for all those who are so ronery.


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  1. One TV station is telling us how inept The Kimster Kingdumb is, while another tells us to get under our beds and hide from the only thing worse than Obola (The Kimster Kingdumb).

    My money is on The Banksters on Wallster Street for doing the most damage (The Matrix of Plunder – 3) to pensions.

    Perhaps this is somewhat like the old polish joke (“Why on Earth did the Poles let the Germans march right in and take their country? Because the Germans walked in backwards so the Poles thought they were leaving.”).

    I think Americans might consider this in the context of their recent and future pension plunder.

    Don’t worry Judge RGK, the congress removed jurisdiction from courts to entertain suits against pension fund trustees when they plunder the pensions (ibid).

    Now everyone go get under the bed and listen for The Kimster Kingdumb sneaking around looking for movie theatres to torch.

  2. Today President Obama is promising “a proportionate” response to North Korea’s intrusion into our cyberspace. NPR notes a problem — that North Korea lacks any IT infrastructure worth retaliating against.

    As an alternative, I propose that we hit the North Koreans where it really hurts: a televised celebrity roast of the beloved leader.

    Censored speech leads to more speech. I like it.

  3. Ha. This is a publicity stunt by Sony to save a really bad movie. They engineered the hack and added bonus results with leaked emails…sending humility messages to egocentric movie ‘stars’ by pretending emails were not meant for public consumption…

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