To Howard, Doug and Scott: Thank you for the wonderful gifts!

As many folks familiar with this blog know, I am not a believer and Christmas is not my favorite time of the year. See, for example, Merry Fucking Christmas from last year.

The foregoing said, I have opened Christmas presents each and every day this year. They came from three bloggers.* So, since my mother taught me always to send “thank you” notes, despite the fact that she was drunk on her ass virtually all the time, I take this Christmas day to thank the three fellows who gave me these gifts.



First, thanks to Howard Bashman and How Appealing. Howard what you do is amazing. You are a critical resource to the legal profession. I particularly like the fact that you almost never write snarky stuff, except when it comes to a certain state Supreme Court. That I love!





Second, thanks to Doug Berman and Sentencing Law & Policy. Doug, like the great teacher that you are, you inspired me to write this blog and taught me to think more deeply (insert punch line) about sentencing. Besides, I like bald guys who are Bob Dylan fans. Now, send me a picture of you smoking a joint!





Third, thanks to Scott Greenfield and Simple Justice. Scott, you scare the shit out of me. But you have also made me less stupid in the process. By the way, this is not a belly rub–think of it as a massage from a pretty showgirl.



Howard, Doug, and Scott, I truly want thank you. All the best.


*Honestly, I just learned that “blawg” means a blog about law and “blawger” means one who blogs about law.  I am 68, don’t laugh at me. It is a miracle that I can still type.


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  1. You are very kind, Judge, but I am quite certain I’ve learned far more from you than you ever could from me. Happy holidays.


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