Milk of amnesia*

Very early Friday (tomorrow) morning, I will head to the hospital for my VAT surgery. I am hopeful that three holes in my chest will suffice rather than cracking open the sternum and ribs. Of course, I am also hopeful that the subsequent pathology report will show the lymphoma is gone.

Last time they cut on me, the surgeon and his gas-man reported that during the procedure I questioned them about whether I was dead. They thought that was hysterically funny. When, in response, I asked them for copies of their malpractice policies, they STFU.

This time around I am demanding Propofol with a chaser of Fentanyl. Happy days are here again!

I will be off-line until I sober up. That will be at least several days.


* If you loved Robin Williams, as I did, but you weren’t a huge fan of Michael Jackson, take a look at the following clip from the start to about 47 seconds regarding the utility of Propofol.

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  1. Judge
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Can’t wait to hear from you soon .
    Don’t be afraid to share if they give you any of that stuff in the hand take home size !

  2. Judge,

    In the theater, which I was involved in for some years, it’s bad luck to wish good luck. So, in that spirit,

    Break a leg!

  3. Best of luck. Although we will definitely miss your wit and insights in the interim, be sure to take whatever time you need to recuperate.

  4. RGK,
    Best of luck. I eagerly look forward to your recovery and continued posts. This website is a refreshing fart in the rose-tinted breeze of law school textbooks.


  5. Judge:
    I won’t wish to luck because you don’t need it: in the talented hands of your physicians, and various other medical personnel, you will soon be back.

  6. I am hoping that your surgery goes well and that the hospital has heat, given the arctic chill we are enduring. Of course, I look forward to reading your post-surgery blog posts about the skill of the surgeon!

  7. What’s the sentencing guideline on this surgery? Oh, wait….

    Break two legs. Since you were alert the last time; I expect a blow by blow of this procedure, live tweeted (especially since you don’t like tweeting…).

    Eric Hines

  8. Don’t die just yet. Although you might be tardy and it is coming.

    Hope you feel like shit and not as “human” as you once were.

    Have some love as your mind wonders, pharmacist enhancement for all those criminals you “had no choice but to sentence” for ThE PaiN their “drugs” necessarily or not relieved put you under the MAN.

    You seem nearing expert level even.

    Enjoy the smiley face pain chart. You should bring a copy to your court room.

    You ain’t joking, and you aren’t going to die yet.

    The comedy alone at sentencing would make you immortal.

    As you die.. I think I am one of the few in your back pages who have acknowledged that death thing. ( I am sure you have) ain’t nothing really if you be square.

    Other than more than you be willing to let go of. THAT AINT NO EASY THING.

    That being said here is a healing tune for you while your “fans” await. You human.

    That being fine and done the more I learn of your judiciary temperament the
    more I hope you continue and with any luck get “shot” down.

    Not by your 4×4 post up their asshole posturing critics but your judicial critics.

    You got a lot to give here Judge (your blawg world) and not even sure if you like to be like to be referenced as the Judge. I have been three or there about times out of line in your back pages.

    Sport mostly. I hope you took it as such.


    If your sternum got neatest separated
    love the lifting pillow and don’t be a pussy.

    I relay don’t like a thing about your judicial precedence or temperament but that ain’t saying I wouldn’t have you over nine tents of the others.

    Take it as you will.

    Have some more Midwest healing music. Fuck the coastal want-to-be’s-anaway.

    Walk some fields when you heal up and take a look around.

    Love ya! Die when you are ready tough guy!

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