The news could not be better–no cancer found

Good news, very good news.

No cancer was found. While the VATS was not fun, the emotional relief flowing from the knowledge that I am cancer free overcomes any momentary lament about the physical impact of the procedure.

Two slight problems arose. A”drain,” a translucent “garden hose,” attached to a suction pump, was placed as a part of the surgery. It passed the (normal) build up of fluid inside the cavity after surgery to a pump and collection device outside the thoracic cavity. When it began to leak at the incision site used to place the hose, the repair required a new and extensive tape job to seal the garden hose as it passed through the incision and into the thoracic cavity. That little procedure will cause you to give homage to the manufacturer of Percocet and the physicians who cater to whimpering drug seekers like me. (Lord Lockwell, Gomer BlogER Places Bowl Full of Percocet in Waiting Room, Lowers Visits (January 31, 2014).

The other problem was a slight pneumothorax (a collapsed lung). That extended my hospital stay, but it is gradually resolving itself. Thus, I was discharged with the idea that leak will abate over time. Of course, I was given instructions to follow-up with the various physicians and surgeons.

I will not start back on my daily blog routine until around Monday, January 26, 2015. Until then, know that I am fine and look forward to world of blogging. And, I sincerely thank the many of you who have expressed your kindnesses about my health.

Back to sleep, am I.


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  1. Thanks for the very excellent and most reassuring news. Now – go back to sleep and we look forward to reading your blog when you wake up and feel lively.

  2. Glad to hear it Judge. Surgery is still amazingly primitive in some ways, with all the tubes, hoses, and vacuums. At least in my limited experience (mostly C-sections). I felt a bit like a car getting its engined changed. To a gentle recovery.

  3. RGK,
    Great to hear from you. I look forward to hearing more again soon! Congratulations on it being such good news.

  4. Very good news indeed!

    I don’t know if your “hose” issues qualify you as meeting the “kick ass and take names” requirement, but it’s good to know that you remain among the living. Perhaps a Purple Heart (or an award of some other color and meaning), should be considered for you.

    Please don’t hurry your return to blogging. This is not so much about my concern for your health and well-being, but rather because I can’t keep up with your blogs and my work.

    Best regards!


  5. Glad to hear the news judge. Drains suck. I had to deal with one when I was caring for a friend who had a double mastectomy and had two of the damn things sticking out and needing to be pumped every few hours. But it too shall pass and you’ll be back to sending four letter acronyms up to the Supreme Court.

  6. Judge:
    You have been in my thougths this entire week. Great news. Relax and return when you are ready.

  7. Excellent news, Judge! Made my week! I know you are skeptical of us religious, spiritual souls out here, but permit me to say that this fellow’s prayers were answered. 🙂

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