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  1. Good luck with your recovery. It was great to see your posts. I have never tried gin and vinegar how is it?

  2. I’m convinced that law school does something to the brain. This is proof. 80 proof, to be exact.

    I disagree with ExCop. There’s nothing wrong with a good gin.


  3. It’s part of the job of the law clerk to make fun of their boss and his colleagues. Makes up for the drudgery of reading poorly written pleadings and keeping their sarcasm instincts in check while drafting orders denying those oh so reasonable motions that the parties/attorneys have filed with the court.

  4. To Southern Law Student, Ex-Cop, and you, of course, Judge, I would prefer to have a bottle of Laird’s Applejack hanging.

  5. Contra ExCop and Southern, you should hang a bag of your favorite box wine. Because who can really tell a banana bag from a wine bag anyway?

  6. When do you really know?

    You knew.

    Stubbornness is an American predicament perhaps?

    You should write about that and smile while putting filling in the pie.

    You ain’t dead yet, I hope you are getting wise enough to make sure you don’t die between the safety rails though.

    I am bummed out. I was holding out for some modern day Lonesome Dove series that had you evaluating epic twists of the modern day western.

    But there you are…

    Get your shit together and pay attention to your health!

    P.S. Glad to see you still have balls of steel enough to ponder the “source” of your juniper berries on the outskirts of the corn empire of the universe.

  7. By the way, you somewhat resemble Hunter S. Thompson in the cartoon. Don’t know if that’s good or bad, but he was an excellent writer.

  8. He who sells what isn’t his’n,
    Must buy it back or go to pris’n.

    — Daniel Drew (1797–1879)

    We don’t want they wit to split
    (unless ye find a way to bequeath it to somebody)

    Get well soon, Judge of no ordinary room…..

    post script – the quote refers to the Jeff Baron case – and we sent you an email thereof….

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