A “thank you” to Ann Fessenden


Ann Fessenden will soon retire as the Eighth Circuit Librarian and Secretary to the Historical Society for the United States Courts in the Eighth Circuit. That will be a great loss, especially to the Historical Society where Ann served as the glue that held the Society together.

Ann was extremely well-suited by education to serve our Circuit. From the University of Mississippi, she received her J.D., Magna Cum Laude in 1984. From the University of Oklahoma she received her Masters in Library Science in 1977. From the University of Oklahoma: she received her B.A. in Journalism in 1974.

Her service as our librarian brought national recognition. For example, she served as President of the American Association of Law Libraries in 2007 and as President of the Mid-America Association of Law Libraries in 1993-94.

Ann became Circuit librarian in 1984. By the time of her retirement Ann will have served nearly 31 years. In every meeting I had with Ann, and there were many in my capacity as Chairman of the Board of the Historical Society, Ann’s thoughtfulness, discretion and experience were evident. Her good counsel and immense institutional knowledge served all of us well.

As Ann leaves to pursue her interests in travel or to serve as principal bassoonist to a local symphony orchestra, she carries with her the deep appreciation of judges and judicial staff throughout the Eighth Circuit. Well played, Ann!



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