Another lame and cheesy excuse from Kopf

I maintain an e-mail account so folks can write to me about this blog. Since my recent illness (about which I whine constantly) I haven’t responded to a whole hell of a lot e-mails. That bothers me ’cause it was my practice to try to respond when folks took the time to send me an e-mail. Given the numbers now pending, I won’t ever catch up. So beginning this weekend, I will try once again to be responsive to my e-mail correspondents.  However, (trigger warning: more whining coming), if you sent me an e-mail between March 2 and April 15 don’t expect a response. Sorry!


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  1. Dawg,

    At most sentencings, I give only a short explanation of my sentencing. I, of course, allow the defendant to speak. Sometimes I question the defendant when he or she speaks, but only with counsel’s agreement. I almost never lecture. After I sentence the defendants, I always give counsel an opportunity to ask for a further explanation of the reasons behind my sentence. They almost never ask.

    For a variety of reasons, I have no criticism of Judge Baxter even though his approach is different than mine. I think he was honestly trying to educate and understand the behavior of the defendants who refused to admit their guilt while also expressing to the public the very serious nature of the crimes.

    All the best.


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