Nebraska federal Judge John Gerrard picked as a “rising star judge” for law clerks

downloadMy colleague John Gerrard was selected as one of 7 “rising star judges” law students should want to clerk for. See Megan Larsen, 7 Rising Star Judges You Want To Clerk For, Above the Law (April 2, 2014). I second the selection.

John is whip smart, a good writer, and a very nice guy with a great sense of humor. In his earlier judicial gig, he was the youngest person appointed to the Nebraska Supreme Court.

The fact that he begins his day requiring his law clerks to catch and then sacrifice small animals below an altar displaying his photo should not deter kids from applying to John. You get used to it.


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  3. LawDog,

    Anyone applying a “happy face” to a job application that requires ritual animal slaughter is not fit for the position. Sorry.

    All the best.


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