Fed Soc–Congratulations to the Columbia Law Review for winning the ATL video contest

The Federalist Society is active at many law schools. It has come to be known by others as “Fed Soc.” I prefer to call it the “Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Rich White People and a Few Other Superior Souls” (or “White Soc.“). Please do not confuse Fed Soc., (“White Soc.”), with the American Constitution Society (ACS). The motto of ACS is: “We love poor black people almost as much as we love puppies and kitties.” Thus, “Black Soc.” They too are active in the law schools.

Anyway, the Columbia Law Review won the 2015 ATL video contest. Entitled Fed Soc., here is the very funny video*:

By the way, life truly imitates art. See below:

Congratulations Columbia.


* To clearly understand the hysterical lyrics, I strongly suggest that you use the closed captioning option by clicking on “cc” on the right side of the screen after the video begins to play. 

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  1. When the powerful (or the Establishment) try satire, it never rings true. And so in this case. The singers in the video may sing the words, but they don’t seem to see the element of truth behind them.

  2. Jon,

    To each his own. That said, I very much agree that satire his hard to pull off.

    I have the sense that creators of the video envisioned their audience to be other law students, and, if that is true, we oldsters may not see the humor as clearly as younger folk. Anyway, understanding that these kids are not professionals, but law students, I remain very impressed.

    All the best.


  3. Your honor, during the six years (1983-1989) that I spent on the ABA committee on the Federal Judiciary., we watched with concern the infusion of Fed Soc people in the Jusice Department. Ed Meese thought they were the cat’s meow, and membership in Fed Soc seemed to be an absolute pre-requisite in the minds of those vetting judicial candidates. I especially remember a mid-year meeting in Baltimore ( of all places )when the Meese minions made it crystal clear that they loved Fed Soc .Our committee paid them little heed, but it was disturbing. I was very pleased to see Columbia poke fun at Fed Soc’s self important righteous views, although it was philosophy and not provisions that motivated them in my day.

  4. Jim,

    Fascinating story, Jim. I am glad you shared it.

    Thank God Bush 41 was the President, and I had your active support, in 1991 and 1992 when I was vetted. As you know, I did not belong to Fed Soc. I always thought that if they allowed me to become a member they weren’t worth joining. Plus cults scare me.

    I hope everything is well with you and yours.

    All the best.


  5. Ah yes… Fed Soc is evil, ACS is good. If only life were so simple… Come on, judge, you know better than that! Not to mention that some of the evils that Fed Soc is accused of in the video are actually republican, not libertarian views.

    Extremes, on all sides, are generally bad. I suggest we take Hamlet’s advice, and, when it comes to life, “live about her waist, or in the middle of her favours.”

    And speaking of republicans and liberals, they are not so different. Republicans want to send you to jail for smoking pot; liberals want to send you to jail for drinking large sugary drinks.

  6. John A.,

    “ACS is good.” You must have read some other post. I hardly flattered ACS. Read that portion again, please.

    Both White Soc., and Black soc., remind me of cults. Cool aid anyone?

    By the way, I love the last line of your comment. I am going to steal it.

    All the best.


  7. Apologies, Judge, I missed the sarcasm on the ACS front. Thank you, and steal away!

  8. Totally unrelated, except for comedic content:

    I was disappointed to see that you didn’t get assigned Driskell v. Homosexuals 8:15cv158. That looks like a fun one!

  9. RGK,
    Probably my favorite part about Fed Soc is that if they’d stop and actually read Madison’s notes on the Constitutional Convention they’d pretty quickly realize that the best analogy for what went on at that convention wasn’t so much one discrete idea (unless your name is John Adams and you were nucking futs) so much as the political equivalent of cubism. Some people were playing on one idealogical battlefield, some were horse trading. If I had to pick a single painting to represent the Constitutional Convention, it would be this:

  10. SLS,

    The guy in the painting looks like me suffering from a urinary tract infection, and can’t find a place to pee!

    All the best.


  11. Peter H.,

    As I manage the pro se docket, you will appreciate why I can’t comment. All the best.


  12. Judge:
    It was worth watching this just to hear the line by one student that he takes Ayn Rand to bed so that she can make his “Fountainhead” spurt. Stephen Sondheim: eat your heart out!

  13. Robert,

    Both you and John A. have dirty minds. I am shocked, just shocked. I deserved a “trigger warning” but no, you went right ahead. My psychosexual development will now be retarded and you and John A. will have to live with that burden the rest of your natural lives.

    I just can’t stand the rape culture that you both perpetuate any longer. My skirted minions are looking to stone you both.

    All the best.


  14. Understandable. Hopefully you can revisit when the case has come to a final disposition.

  15. Who couldn’t get a little bit of freedom loving chill down their ‘Merica spine after viewing these clips?

    But if Fed-Soc’s Students Division Assistant Director, Carlene Moore’s, logic is correct and:

    “Law school students ARE the future. So, they are the future of every think tank in Washington DC and huge firms across the nation.”

    This nation’s future freedom may surely be damned to die a slow death drowning in a swamp of lawyers on a humid summer day somewhere inside the beltway in the not too distant future.

    But then again there are probably worse ways for the ship of state to go down and if current reality continues to trend she might just be 100% correct for better or worse sooner than we think.

    Who knows…

    Cheers to the Fed-Soc Columbia students! But, I sincerely hope none of them forget that when their time comes….just because they went to law school and perhaps even pass the bar that that doesn’t mean they should necessarily all burden the world with another practicing lawyer.

    Your education will serve you well in many other, more productive, possible career paths and either way you are already on the long short list for a possible future nomination to the Supreme Court until the Robed Ridder from Nebraska gets done whipping up some whop-ass up at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Law when he gets board one of these days and takes on a few new hobbies besides blawging.

    P.S. Who said Fed-Soc dudes can’t dance!

  16. I am so offended by your comments that I plan to file a pro se writ of mandamus.

    Thank you for making us laugh!

  17. John B,

    “[J]ust because they went to law school and perhaps even pass the bar that that doesn’t mean they should necessarily all burden the world with another practicing lawyer.” I could not agree with you more!

    All the best.


  18. Judge:

    You neglected to thank Senators Kerrey and Exon, both democrats, who did not demand that a fellow democrat be nominated as judge. The President was a republican and 2 Nebraska senators followed the Constitution and did not block your appointment.

    Unfortunately in states which have 2 GOP Senators, the Constitution is ignored. Had Senator Kerrey and Exon acted as the present and former Nebraska GOP US Senators, you would never have been confirmed.

    Vince Powers

  19. Vince,

    Pardon me. I am confused. Truly.

    While I agree that I would have never been confirmed without the support of Senators Kerrey and Exon, how does that fun fact relate to a post about a funny video on Fed. Soc. (or as I like to call it White Soc.)? By the way, I personally thanked both Senators at the time.

    All the best.


  20. Vince,

    Additional thought: I would never, ever, be nominated let alone confirmed these days.

    All the best.


  21. Judge:
    Your comment to Jim about his help in your becoming Judge triggered my response. Back then, no one thought to block you because you were not the same political party as the 2 democratic Nebraska senators nor did those US Senators think they had the right to nominate the Judge. Until now, Nebraska had a great tradition that party politics did not trump the Constitution. But you are right, I am off topic.

  22. To clarify, the video was produced by Columbia Law REVUE (a comedy/musical group), not the Federalist Society or The Columbia Law Review

  23. Vince,

    I am sorry Vince. I now see the connection. As I indicated before, I certainly did not mean to slight Senators Kerrey and Exon.

    By the way, we should also remember that (1) Although I was nominated by Bush 41, I took Senior status at the earliest opportunity and this allowed President Obama to nominate a Democrat; (2) Republican Senator Mike Johanns worked hard with Senator Nelson to see to the nomination of Judge John Gerrard, a Democrat, and a fantastic pick.

    What I take away from the foregoing is this: In Nebraska, we are damn lucky when it comes to cooperation of politicians regarding federal judicial picks. That is a very good thing. As Chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party, you no doubt have played a major part in that cooperation. For that, you have my sincere thanks.

    All the best.


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