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I am completely stealing the following from SHG at Simple Justice.*

Here is a brief context: It seems that Oberlin College in Ohio, long known for being far left of the People’s Republic of Portland, was all a twitter in April about the impending speech at the college by Christina Hoff Sommers, who denies that a “rape culture” exists on college campuses. Some students were angry and they authored a “Response to Sommers’ Talk: A Love Letter to Ourselves.

I have no interest in the “rape culture” debate. Still further, you would have to be stark raving mad to send your kid to Oberlin when the tuition and fees at this little college in Ohio run $64,266 per year excluding books, mandatory health insurance, and personal expenses. I do like satire, however, and that is particularly so when it is extremely well-done.

Look and listen to this brilliant satire from the “Oberlin College Choir”:


*While Scott and I disagree about many things, his blog remains the best and most thoughtful legal blog around. The consistent quality of his work sets a standard that few can match. I don’t even try any longer.


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