A solicitation (but not in a PERV* way)

I have been asked to write something for Litigation, the quarterly publication of the ABA’s litigation section. Each issue contains an article by a sitting or former judge entitled “From the Bench.” I have to have the manuscript in by June 8, for publication in the fall. The piece should be around 1,500 words. I want your thoughts.

Very tentatively, I thought I might write on this subject: “The Top Ten Things I Learned About Blogging and Judicial Transparency.” Hopefully, it would be a mix of the humorous (if I can pull it off) and the serious. What do you think? If you have a preference for another topic, let me know that as well.



*The word “PERV.” is pronounced PURRR.VEB. Use: “As In, ‘Get Your Hands Out of Your Pants, You PERV.'” H/T Urban Dictionary.

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  1. Another thought: as a devoted reader, I know you have discussed your role in handling the court’s pro se docket. As a lawyer who deals extensively with pro se filings in another federal court, I find that much of the public (lawyers included!) have no idea how much time and energy the pro se docket takes up — this could be a way to educate more of the lawyerly public about that topic, especially about the best ways to help the court when opposing a pro se litigant in the courts.

  2. An article for Litigation magazine– now you know you’ve arrived. Be careful with the humor though, remember this is an ABA publication.

    Sounds like an interesting topic. Hopefully you’ll include a “top 10 stupid lawyer tricks,” or something like it.

    Can you include illustrations? Be very careful there.

    Please post it on the blog so I can read it– I’m too cheap to belong to the ABA, so I don’t get the magazine.

  3. Your Honor:

    I think that humor is appropriate “if you can pull it off.”

    You know your audience better than I. So I would not deign to suggest the actual humor you might wish to invoke.

    On the other hand, I could give you literally hundreds of examples of humor neither you, nor I, nor any other socially adept individual should use in any public communication.

    I genuinely look forward to your effort on this one.


  4. I presume that your hope to “pull it off” is also not in a PERV way. Best of luck with article, I am sure it will be great.

  5. Go for it! Do what you want to do and forget about the preferences of us mugs in the “peanut gallery”. I’m like one of your other posters above: too cheap to belong to the ABA, so go ahead and outrage them; it might be good for them. Too many stuffed shirts there anyhow. 🙂

  6. Judge:
    How about something along the lines of one of your former blog entries relating to how you introduce prospective jurors to the trial process, i.e., literally taking them around the courtroom to introduce your staff and explain the specifics of what you and each staff member does during a trial?

  7. “I have been asked to write something for Litigation, the quarterly publication of the ABA’s litigation section.”
    STFU!!! ——With the utmost respect, I hope you write whatever your heart fancies, Judge. I and many others will read it with interest.

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