A horrible day in Nebraska

555ceea183f5e.imageAn OPD officer has been shot and killed apparently by the fugitive she was pursuing. Kerrie Orozco, 29, a gang unit officer was serving a warrant as a part of the Metro Fugitive Task Force, and that group includes the United States Marshals Service and local law enforcement agencies, when she was apparently shot by the fugitive. The officer, Carrie Orozco, had a new-born baby. She deferred her maternity leave until the premature baby was to be released from the hospital on Thursday.

Here is more about this unspeakable tragedy:

Orozco was sworn in as an Omaha police officer in May 2008 in a class of 36. The former Kerrie Holtz married Hector Orozco Lopez in April 2011.

In February, they had a baby, Olivia Ruth, who has been in the intensive care unit at the Nebraska Medical Center. A photo dated May 8 on her husband’s Facebook page shows the couple with their baby and two young children. The infant was to be released from the hospital Thursday.

An online wedding gift registry describes how the couple met:

“Kerrie was working off-duty security at Tquila Night Club in South Omaha. After a few weeks of working there, Kerrie noticed the big security guy named Hector that always stood just inside the club door. He was kinda cute! The next week, Kerrie had some candy with her and offered it to all of the security. She couldn’t help but notice Hector had a kiddie smile as he accepted the chocolate. Later that night, he asked Kerrie’s partner if she was married. Word got passed that they were both interested, and the rest is history! Kerrie and Hector were married civilly on April 4, 2011, but they always wanted a big Catholic wedding. This is finally their dream come true!” 

The website says the couple had a church wedding in November 2012 at St. Joseph Catholic Church at 16th and Center Streets.

Kerrie Orozco was the daughter of Ellen and the late Kevin Holtz of Walnut, Iowa. Kerrie attended Walnut High School, where she played basketball and volleyball.

Bob Glissmann, Omaha officer, wanted man die after shootout in Florence area, Omaha.com (May 20, 2015).

The fugitive was shot and killed as well. Omaha.com reported that:

Wheeler, who was wanted in a September shooting, was the suspect shot and killed Wednesday in a shootout with the Metro Area Task Force, law enforcement officials said.

Police had been unable to find Wheeler for months and told the public last year to consider Wheeler armed and dangerous.

Omaha police had been seeking Wheeler in connection with the Sept. 5 shooting of Antonio Martin near 60th Street and Curtis Avenue.

Martin told police Wheeler had threatened him on Facebook several days before he shot him, according to Douglas County Court documents.

Wheeler had also been charged in connection to two earlier shootings, but the charges were later dropped, according to court records.

In 2013, Wheeler was charged as an accessory to a June 2007 murder. Wheeler was also accused of shooting at an inhabited home in March 2013, attempting to cause serious bodily injury to Ashley Bordeaux. The Douglas County attorney dismissed charges in both cases.

In 2008, Wheeler was sentenced to five years in federal prison for possession with intent to distribute cocaine. Wheeler got out on supervised release, but that was revoked in 2013. He returned to prison and was released in February 2014.



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  1. Judge:
    Thankfully for the rest of us, the “Thin Blue Line” bends…but never breaks. My deepest condolences.

  2. This won’t be covered by MSM because the murderer was a convicted felon and gang member who was wanted on a good warrant and the victim is a new mother who never had a single day at home with her baby.

  3. Judge —

    I think that your closing line of your initial post on this sad, horrible event may capture well the sentiments of many…”words fail.”

  4. Judge Kopf – Thanks for posting this, even though the news could not be more horrible. This event causes us to think again about the important contributions of law enforcement, including local officers. Members of the bar and judiciary should not forget that the police, federal law enforcement agents and marshals are the first responders putting their lives on the line, while we may be simply staring at a computer screen. The tragedy of a mother not being able to take her newborn home from the hospital is overwhelming.

  5. Ron,


    By the way, the first post was taken down after a concern was expressed that perhaps not all family members had been notified. While the information I was provided with was not labelled confidential, I was happy to take the post down anyway. I waited then until OPD held a press conference to post about this matter.

    All the best.


  6. As sad a story as can be told. My heart is heavy with this tragedy, and I’ve seen a few.

    However, this paragraph from your post stands out as needing elucidation. I would put the last sentence in bold italics if I knew how:

    “In 2013, Wheeler was charged as an accessory to a June 2007 murder. Wheeler was also accused of shooting at an inhabited home in March 2013, attempting to cause serious bodily injury to Ashley Bordeaux. The Douglas County attorney dismissed charges in both cases.”

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