More on the killing of Officer Kerrie Orozco

The “26-year-old man who was shot and killed Wednesday by police after he opened fire on officers was a known gang member,” according to Alissa Skelton, a World-Herald staff writer, Fugitive killed in shootout was known gang member with a violent record, (May 21, 2015).  The World-Herald also published a mug shot of the fugitive which is reproduced below.

The fugitive who apparently killed Officer Kerrie Orozco is pictured above.

The fugitive who apparently killed Officer Kerrie Orozco,  Marcus Wheeler, is pictured above. 

Further details about the death of Officer Orozco were also reported today:

At 12:58 p.m., Orozco and other members of the Metro Area Fugitive Task Force were near Martin Avenue and Read Street, looking for Wheeler, when they spotted him about a block away, near 31st Avenue and Vane Street.

Wheeler shot at officers, then ran north through a wooded area toward the backyard of a house at 3057 Martin Ave.

Orozco, another officer and a sergeant confronted Wheeler, and shots were exchanged.

Orozco collapsed.

While officers rendered first aid to Orozco, Wheeler ran east and collapsed in the backyard at 3042 Read St. A semiautomatic handgun with a drum magazine was found near him.

A man living at the Read Street house said he saw Wheeler lean against a downspout and fall to the ground. He said Wheeler was pointing at his chest, where he had been shot.

Officers performed CPR on Orozco and Wheeler . . . .

Alia Conley, Maggie O’Brien and Alissa Skelton / World-Herald staff writers, ‘This is a somber day for Omaha’: City mourns a mother, a mentor, an officer killed in the line of (May 21, 2015).


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