Both Joan and I have known the young woman, whose photo appears below, since she was a baby. We care for her in the same way we love our own children. We think she is just the tops.

kimKim is very, very smart, just like her Dad, Pat, who is our dear friend. (Pat introduced me to Joan.) She is also a gifted athlete as was her father. For example, and despite her small size, Kim was a good golfer on the UNL women’s golf team.

Kim lives in Portland, Oregon now. After graduating from the University of Nebraska College of Law with high grades, and clerking for me one summer, Kim’s elected to move to Portlandia. However, Kim has retained her wry skepticism despite living in that wonderfully weird city.

Kim clerked for several federal judges in Portland. After that, she became an excellent trial lawyer. She is married to one of Oregon’s preeminent trial lawyers. They live charmed lives, and we couldn’t be happier for her.

Today, Kim stopped at our home for a short visit. She was in Nebraska for some family events. Our visit with her, although brief, was fun and, better still, warmed our hearts on this cold and rainy Sunday.

Some things are more important than others.


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  1. LawDog,

    True enough. “The Peoples’ Republic of Lincoln” stands so proudly left of center that the Toyota Prius is frowned upon as being a gas guzzler extreme.

    All the best.


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