Sister Megan Rice is free–she is as sassy (and goofy) as ever and boy does she know how to play the media

Sister Rice is out, and traveling around in a Volvo with an adoring New York Times reporter and a slavish New York filmmaker. See here for the New York Times article* today about the nutty nun.

I give the Sister this: She is one tough, old bat who knows how to play the media.


H/t How Appealing.

*Weirdly, the article was placed in the “Science” section of the paper.

5 responses

  1. She apparently knows how to play law blawgs too. This is now your second post concerning her and her protest. Hmmm.

  2. Good enough. They were all overcharged. Trespass & graffiti aren’t sabotage.

  3. You should invite her over for dinner.

    I bet she would come even though you did call her an nutty nun and an old bat.

    I bet she would make an excellent dinner guest and in no way would she monopolize the conversation with her mission unless asked and encouraged to continue.

    You and her might even share more in common than you might suspect.

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