FYI: Kopf will now go silent on Nebraska’s repeal of the death penalty

With the repeal of the Nebraska death penalty, and viewed from the perspective of the pending death penalty cases that I have now, I won’t be writing any further on this subject in Hercules. I see difficult legal issues looming in those cases, and, possibly, in “closed” death penalty cases I have handled in the past.


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  1. A rather conservative call but for Kopf not to use his head would be a disservice to more than just the surname.

    Don’t forget to starch the robe the next time you have it dry-cleaned and have I ever told you that your respect as well as flirtation with the “lines” of personal conduct that your day job demands is more than admirable.

    Some may disagree but I have found your willingness to speak in this format, “un-robed’ if you will, has strengthened my perception of the vital role “blind” objectivity plays within our justice system and reinforced my perception of why the sword points downward and rests well below the scales of Lady Justice.

  2. Well said John B. I would add replies have probably flogged this issue to death anyway.

  3. I understand you may choose not to write more on the subject, I suggest reading more widely. I find your blog interesting, but also worrying in some respects, that I won’t enumerate here.

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