If you care about the First Amendment and free speech, here is a “must read”

Over at Concurring Opinions, the prolific Professor Ron Collins, just as he did with Judge Posner, conducts a fascinating interview with First Amendment icon, Burt Neuborne. Among other things, the post consists of:

__ a discussion of Neuborne’s new new book, Madison’s Music: On Reading the First Amendment

— a biographical sketch of Neuborn’s life work in the First Amendment area

— a discussion of his interpretive approach to the First Amendment

— a discussion of his views re the relationship between free speech and democracy

— a discussion of his views on Cass Sunstein’s 1993 book Democracy & the Problem of Free Speech

— a discussion of his views on the campaign finance laws

— a discussion of his views of the ACLU’s position on the campaign finance cases

— a discussion of his views of views on a constitutional amendment to overrule Buckley and its progeny

— a discussion of his views on the ACLU’s brief in McCullen v. Coakley (2014)

— and some closing comments on his future.

This post has several photos in it, including two of the young Neuborne and another of Neuborne white water rafting with then Judge RBG.

If you have an interest in free speech, this interview is required reading. Collins again distinguishes himself with his original scholarship on contemporary legal history.


2 responses

  1. From the Amazon descriptor (yes I sent away for the book):

    “This design, Neuborne argues, was not to protect discrete individual rights—such as the rights of corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence elections—but to guarantee that the process of democracy continues without disenfranchisement, oppression, or injustice.”

    Shall we send a copy to the 9 robed ones?

  2. MarcusD,

    Perhaps I am wrong, but I bet the 9 knew and know his views. Perhaps, you didn’t mean to ask the question literally, thus illustrating my thick skull.

    All the best.


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