Today, I get my port removed at the hospital–Trigger Warning for Special Snowflakes: this post contains a video of the procedure and a full grown man’s naked chest

This afternoon, an interventional radiologist will remove my port at the hospital. The device will go to the lab to see if they can culture (find) any bacteria that may be on it. I still have the infection that caused the kidney problems that sent me to the hospital in March. In any event, they will let me go home in the late afternoon or early evening assuming there are no complications.

I will be glad to have the port removed ’cause I can then take off the silly bracelet that warns first responders that this old guy has a port and chest compressions in the wrong place would hurt like hell. Additionally, the removal provides closure for me regarding the cancer even though I will be closely monitored the rest of my life via PET scans and otherwise. Finally, it would be neat if the port was the infection culprit, since that would eliminate the source of the problem. We shall see.

Removal will take place while I am awake, just like when it was installed more than a year ago. Here is a video of the surgery on another fellow which shows nicely where the port is placed and how it is surgically removed:

After the pain medication wears off, I will feel like a mule kicked me in the chest. Other than that, I should be able to kiss the dog and beat the wife.


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  1. Good news that you are getting your port removed. I hope that you will get your energy back soon – and please be nice to the wife and dog!

  2. I pulled a central line out myself doing vigorous arm PT a few years back, but I don’t recommend it. Hope losing it gets rid of your infection. Have a good weekend, Judge, you’re due one.

  3. Congrats judge, get that germ-cubator outta there! I hope that this cures the infection. Thinking of you and take care.

  4. Judge:
    Stay strong. You still have mountains to climb (even if they are just metaphorical ones).

  5. Robert,

    As indicated today, I had the help of a “Rocky Mountain High” when the port came out. Thus, a mountain was climbed, but perhaps not in the way you envisioned. All the best.


  6. Jill,

    All I can say is “yikes,” re pulling out your central line through exercise. In contrast, my “deportation” was with good drugs, see the post today.

    Anyway, thank you for your kind words.

    All the best.


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