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  2. Who wouldn’t appreciate the paralegals who drafted the first line of this complaint:

    Every month, Occidental and Chevron directly pump 2.63 times more toxic waste water into the San Joaquin Aquifer than oil released into the Gulf during the entire BP spill. The California Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) plans to allow them to continue for another 21 months. This lawsuit brought to stop the poisoning of the San Joaquin aquifer and to remediate the damage already done to the farmland of Kern County.

    (What Next, Mass Depraved-Heart Murder?).

  3. Eldora, I’d also like permission to post your chart on my blog “The Empowered Paralegal.” R.E.Mongue

    -My apologies for hijacking your blog to make this request, Judge.

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