If you want a story to make you weep with joy read the newspaper article cited below

Guide dog throws himself in front of a bus, JournalStar.com (June 10, 2015).

This article is copyrighted and so is the photo of the hero dog. But, the article refers to events in Brewster, NY.  How a Lincoln, Nebraska paper derived the information and photo for copyright purposes poses an interesting legal question.

That copyright question aside, the newspaper piece proves again what I know in my heart. Dogs are sentient creatures capable of feeling love. See, e.g., Elvis, Zoey and fall in Nebraska, Hercules and the umpire (November 10, 2013) (“Elvis and Zoey are our dog-friends.”) and Elvis, Zoey and the dog in the box, Hercules and the umpire (May 9, 2013) (“Most mornings, I get up early. I often visit the dog friends, Elvis and Zoey. They live across the fence.”).


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  1. I live about 15 minutes from the intersection where this accident happened. It is a nightmare three-way intersection with only one stop sign. The stop sign is not part of the intersection where the crosswalk is located.

  2. Dogs treat humans far better than humans treat animals. There was another story where a woman gave her cat to a high-kill shelter because she bought a new sofa. You can have nice furniture or an animal, but you cannot have both.

    Can I put you down for a monthly contribution to the ASPCA? 🙂

  3. Judge:
    As an unequivocal dog lover, I maintain that we humans will never create a better world for ourselves until such time that we learn to treat animals with greater appreciation and respect. Just my two cents.

  4. The reason the woman was upset is that her dog will probably have to be retrained and that is a very expensive process and she will be without the services of the dog during retraining. I suppose the reason the ambulance crew did not take the dog is because the ER would not allow the dog to enter the ER.

  5. Your Honor, I hope you’ll take this…well…no, wait, really, I guess I do not care how anyone takes it – it is was it is: I rather be judged by any dog than the best of us humans. The Pope made me reconsider Catholicism with his sorta answer on the subject. What I’m pissed about is that he didn’t come right on out and tell it like it is: dogs (and cats) go to heaven and we humans hope they vouch for us. And if they don’t go first, I guess (my) God and I are going to be having a discussion when we meet.

    But frankly, I suspect that she has a big ol’ muttdog (who likes Frootloops, beer and bacon) and the conversation will be totally unnecessary. That’s the cool thing about real faith – your God can be what you want, and that’s cool, and my God can be what I see, and hey, that’s cool, too, and neither are in conflict…at least until some human starts trying to create one. Ya ever seen a dog with mousse in his hair, wearing a Rolex, and asking for money to fund some “religious” program? I thought not…QED.

  6. Oliver W.T.F. Holmes,

    Beautifully said, even if you don’t give a rat’s ass what others think. All the best.


  7. There is a reason they are “man’s best friend”…my Bailey did not leave my side when I went through the three months of intense chemo/radiation for throat cancer. If she could have thrown herself in front of the metaphorical “cancer bus,” I know she would have. An old quote comes to mind: “I only hope to become the kind of person my dog already thinks I am.”

  8. As one might surmise, I don’t now, nor have I ever given so much as a rat’s taint about what folks think about my _opinions_. But I would never suggest, much less insist, that anyone adopt them as their own. That said, I would happily welcome anyone to do so. Or not, such as their own spirit directs.

    And as always, all the best right back at ya!

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