Our little old house is worth millions (to us)

We bought the house of our dreams in 1998. It is an old style range house. It was built in 1969. We paid $269,000 for it. It sits on a busy street. The tax guy says it is now worth $330,000. He wants to know if I want to appeal the valuation. The valuation is terribly wrong, but I won’t appeal. That’s because our little old house is worth millions to us.

Photo credit: The damn tax assessor. By the way, our address is 3910 South 27th Street, Lincoln, NE 68502.  For all those freaks who wrote that they wanted me dead after my partial-birth abortion decisions or my flag burning decision, if you show up I plan a warm welcome. I have a 50 year old .22 rifle that fires high velocity Remmington 22 shorts. Out of ten shots this year at the bastard bunnies, I got one. So, be  wary. By the way, fuck the NRA.

Photo credit: The damn tax assessor. Our address is 3910 South 27th Street, Lincoln, NE 68502. For all those freaks who wrote that they planned to kill me after my partial-birth abortion decisions or my flag burning decision, if you show up, I plan a warm welcome. I have a 50-year-old .22 rifle that fires high velocity Remington 22 shorts. Out of ten shots this year at the bastard bunnies, I got one. So, freaks be wary. By the way, fuck the NRA. What a bunch of assholes. 


Our backyard, oh dear, the backyard.

Joan labors daily with her extensive flower garden. I mean labors. She doesn’t like weed killing products. She weeds the very large garden by sitting in the weeds in her old sweat pants. The chiggers bite her. Those bites hurt and itch throughout the summer. She says weeding is relaxing. She doesn’t mind the the chiggers. The old woman can outwork most everyone when it comes to tending gardens. Her Catholic upbringing, so uncommented upon otherwise, is evident in her gardening. Hard work and the pain of the chigger is a gift from God. I don’t understand.

Since I have been sick we have had a lawn guy take care of the grass. My little John Deere tractor that Scott Greenfield mocks, ’cause he has a that big John Deere Gator, sits unused in the three car garage. The lawn guy retired after serving as a fire fighter. He’s my age. He is lean and brown and strong and grizzled. He is profane. I like him a lot. He uses the same swear words that I do. I suppose it is a generational thing. His son, who will follow him in the business, is huge. He smiles as he toils in the 97 degree heat, giving off perspiration in wild streams. He seems content to perform the simple task of mowing. I envy him, and I am grateful for him too.

Our backyard, oh dear, the backyard.




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Some things are more important than others.


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  1. $61,000 appreciation since you bought it and that’s after the 2008 real estate crash?!
    Not likely.

    I will let you in on a secret that county government officials throughout Nebraska rely on as part of their growth in spending agenda.

    Valuations exceed the market pace and inflation and so when the levy is held the same for the next year, lots more cash pours in the doors.

    Not much of a secret as even the LJS figured out the scam last week. Levys need to be cut simply because valuations always increase. The mill levy is never reduced.

    There is no way in the universe that the failed and wasteful OPS and LPS should get more and more money each year. OPS and LPS fairly well define government incompetence in Nebraska.

    But you have a really nice yard!

  2. There is nothing wrong with payiing your fair share of real estate taxes, but the key words are “fair share.” There is no reason for you to pay your neighbor’s share. It’s unAmerican.

  3. SHG,

    Here is what would appear in the press: “Pig federal ‘partial-abortion’ and ‘flag burning’ Judge appeals tax valuation on fancy home after receiving a pay increase to bump his salary to $200,000 after federal judges sued the government for more money” THEN I would have the freaks flocking to fuck me!

    All the best.


  4. Lovely home. Beautiful garden. But where’s the tornado shelter? It is Nebraska. I’d be more worried about the twisters than the gun nuts.

    I didn’t know Nebraska had any trees. Looks nice. When I drove through Iowa one December a few years back, it was just slightly wavy land all tilled up with an occasional barn. Brought me back to my Navy days when out at sea, except it was land. I just figured Nebraska would be the same.

  5. Well, I think that wrong valuation could come back and haunt your wife in a bad way should your cancer end up leaving her a widow.

  6. If you need extra firepower, we can discuss my finding a way to ship to you Mom’s 1940’s cut-down Winchester deer rifle that’s been wrapped in a oily sheet in my basement for years. It’s only a single shot obvi, so no match for the AK 47s but might work for Joan.

  7. NE used to be called the Tree Planter State and Arbor Day is still a State Holiday, though we started without trees except along the rivers, we have them now at least here on the west bank of Iowa.

  8. Judge, one of the most famous studies of American Catholic culture is by Robert Orsi at Northwestern called”Mildred, Is It Fun To Be A Cripple.” It is in a collection of his essays from Princeton, and as one who grew up in the 40s and 50s Catholic ghetto, I will vouch for it.

  9. Judge:
    I live nearly 1,500 miles away from you, as the crow flies, in an apartment so small that it could probably fit inside of your garage. I lack a backyard but there is a constant maelstrom outside my front windows. The top of the skyscraper on the next block has a distinctive red roof ornament which I can see from miles away. I call it my “north star.” I know that when I see it my apartment is not far away. My point? Everyone needs a place to come to no matter where they live and what they do. Thank you for sharing yours (and for allowing me to share mine).

  10. repenting lawyer,

    I will recommend it to Joan. But, I already know the reply. “Bite me Rich.”

    All the best.


  11. Anonymous,

    We sent them to Kansas to find that bitch Dorthy and that damn little dog. May Dorothy and Toto die a horrifying death at the hands of the Tin Man gone mad on Meth.

    All the best.


  12. Norm,

    Wow. What a gun! You are lucky. If I had it, I could really fuck up the bunnies (and the little kids in the neighborhood who I dislike intensly ’cause they play and have fun).

    All the best.


  13. Richard:

    Thank God Joan tends this beautiful yard and also you. So what that you have had to relent to a gardener? All is well in the world. Whether it is a religious blessing Pope Francis have given you or simply a blessing on you from the great beyond, be incredibly happy as your friends are for you for her and your yard.

    All my love for ever…..


    PS I have a big bottle of big cheap gin calling your name.

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