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Really, really good lawyers for my civil jury trial here in Omaha. A horrific crush injury is involved. Diversity jurisdiction.

Lots of money at stake. I love good lawyers. My job becomes easy.

I have known one of the lawyer for over 30 years. He is 71 and still trying cases ’cause he loves it. He once got 10 of us, who were taking depositions in a big case, into a disco in Denver in the late 1970s by telling the proprietor that he was the body-guard for Paul Volcker of the Federal Reserve System. One of the other lawyers was really tall and he played the part of Volcker admirably. We got comped all night. Afterwards, ten of us piled into one cab, I think. Somehow we got back to the hotel. I don’t remember much more of the evening.

The damn digital audio failed in the middle of the Plaintiff’s opening statement yesterday. It was fixed but the IT guy had no clue why it failed. To make me even happier, the digital audio failed for a bench conference as well. I feel like Ted Mack overseeing the Amateur Hour. Trust me, some IT ass is in for a good chewing.

I had dinner in the Old Market. If you come to Omaha, you must visit the Old Market. Old buildings that used to be the warehouse district for Omaha’s booming trade with the frontier have been preserved. It is heaven for frivolous young people, many with garish art on their bodies. Truth to tell, I like it too.upload-2806080741763048738

My face stills looks bad. The skin began to peel off today. I wore my STFU hat when I went to dinner and pulled it way down. I sat on a sidewalk cafe to eat. That way few people were required to confront a leper slurping white wine and eating a huge BLT. Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon.

I’m done with my course of anti-viral medication. Still taking Lyrica for the pain. That makes me walk like a drunk. I don’t know why but I literally cannot walk a straight line. My cognitive powers, limited though they have always been, remain the same. I just wobble and weave when I walk.

The College World Series is going on. The government is going to pay through the nose for my hotel room. A lot of Omaha police officers patrol the floors of my hotel. The Vanderbilt baseball team–that made it to the finals for the second time in so many years–is staying here. Almost got into a fist fight last night when several of their older fans laughed and pointed at my STFU hat. But one of them was a particularly nice guy, a lawyer from Tennessee. We exchanged business cards. No fight, just warm greetings. Go Vandy!

The jury pool was only moderately terrified by my scabies and unshaven face. I told them the truth. That is, I was bitten and I am among the walking dead. That seemed to comfort them.IMG_1590


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  1. Be nice to the IT guy. Remember, the court technology is the result of the lowest bidder.

  2. UVA head coach is former Creighton player and alum Brian O’Connor. He is a Council Bluffs native.

    Everyone – and I mean everyone – is cheering for the favorite son and his underdog Cavs.

  3. Out of curiosity, how do you know that the digital audio has failed until it comes time to listen to it? (At which point it is too late?) Or are all failures really obvious?

  4. Unfortunately, at least twice during the last couple of days I heard Coach O’Conner described as being “from Omaha’ on local Channel 7, KETV, and read the same phrase in the Omaha World Herald. Some Omaha folks better remember that the best views of Omaha are in Iowa.

  5. MOK

    The best thing about Iowa is the students the state sends to Creighton. Creighton gets the best and the brightest from the Hawkeye state and O’Connor is one of the best. Considering the alternatives for Iowa students, this is not at all surprising.

  6. The lettering font on that hat looks familiar.

    Have you been hanging out in cop bars again when your wife kicks you out of the house for whining?

    Have fun in Omaha. I hope you don’t have to itemize your per diem expenses.

    P.S. What other hats do you own that your wife doesn’t let you wear around the house?

  7. John,

    It is being constantly monitored over head phones by the courtroom deputy. All the best.


  8. Anonymous,

    I have been smoking a pipe for 45 years. Not likely to stop now. I know that it looks like an affectation, but I smoke it ’cause I love it.

    All the best.


  9. It’s not an affectation until you turn the pipe upside down.

    Do finish growing the beard, though. Don’t have to face cold steel so much in the mornings.

    Eric Hines

  10. HA! Truth be told, I’m a born and bred Cornhusker who now lives and works in Iowa. There are a lot of us over here. But, truth also rules on that view I mentioned – the best views of Omaha ARE across the bridge in Council Bluffs, and perhaps on the way to downtown Omaha from Eppley Airfield, which route goes through Carter Lake, Iowa, of course. I might argue with you on CU being a best alternative for Iowa students, but that is only because I am a graduate of one of UNL’s graduate schools, finding CU to be too damn expensive. 🙂

  11. Truth be told, you don’t look that much worse than usual. I don’t see why jurors should be frightened. Besides, how many zombies smoke pipes?
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  12. No, not an affectation, but if you let the beard grow out there will be an uncanny resemblance to Hemmingway.

    Enjoy the boondoggle.

  13. Given that the Law School at CU had two deans from Iowa law, the alternatives for Iowans was not so bad, as far as best and brightest from Iowa, are you talking about the Medical School Anon. ?

  14. If The Vandy Whistler is staying at your hotel, please see to it that he somehow loses his teeth, and thus his whistling ability, before tomorrow’s final game. I and the entire viewing public would greatly appreciate it.

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