I’m sorry, but freaks are freaks

The day is near ending. A holiday is impending. I am at work perusing the Washington Post (digital version). I come across an article entitled, Tiny house, big benefits: Freedom from a mortgage and worries — and stuff.

imagesThe article is about people who live in tiny homes. It is all about working for nonprofits, collecting life experiences rather than material things, green revolutionary talk, saving the planet, riding a bike 50 miles a day to work from your tiny home, avoiding mortgages to pay off student loans for art history degrees, composting toilets and crap (not literally) like that.

Take for example the couple who have a regular house that they plan to sell, and “238-square-foot tiny home” that “sits a few hundred yards from their 39-foot sailboat, which is docked on a creek that feeds into the Chesapeake Bay.”  “After they retire, they plan to sell the main house and spend time on the boat and in the tiny house — a lifestyle . . . dubbed “surf ’n’ turf.” Doesn’t all of that strike you as more than slightly ironic?

I’m sorry, but freaks are freaks.


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  1. What is the connection? Would the courts be more effective if they had only 10% of the space they have now?

  2. I like this. And since many tiny houses are on trailers, we can just haul the court around.

    United States District Court for the District of Nebraska, I-80 Westbound Service Area Division. Judge Richard G. Kopf, Presiding.

  3. I sat on the bench several times in US District Court as a moot court judge. It is very difficult to feel humble in those overblown facilities. Maybe reduction is in order.

  4. Makes me think of Travis McGee (salvage consultants) living on the “Busted Flush,” his houseboat, in Fort Lauderdale. Now that’s a lifestyle!

    You know, the more I think about it, that last photo posted of yourself with the pipe kind of reminds me of John D. MacDonald. Writing all those books and creating your very own fictive world, and making a lot of money. That’s a lifestyle too!

  5. Judge:
    These people apparently live by a simple rule that describes how cheap it is to live in very small homes: “People in grass houses shouldn’t owe loans” (I couldn’t resist).

  6. Scamming the Green crowd. No surprise. $19,500? Giant margins. Just like the Mini car.

    And the same crowd stopped KXL and will drive up all energy prices as part of their fact-free belief in warming at some unstated date way in the future. Greatest hoax and scam ever!

  7. repentinglawyer,

    Making federal buildings, including the innards, less grand would be a fine thing, provided, of course, that the remodel provided me with my own special toilet. All the best.


  8. Anonymous,

    I am flattered–John D. McDonald. Therefore, and since I, mimicking Travis McKee, make more money than I know what to with, I plan on buying a tiny home with a large vent for my pipe smoke. All the best.


  9. Peter,

    Make damn sure that our movable feast has a very loud air horn. With that in place, I volunteer to handle all my sentencing hearings on the moving court.

    All the best,


  10. I like a lot of the architecture of Federal buildings, though. And I like elbow room in my house. Maybe y’all would like to sell me yours. I’m a taxpayer; I get a a good price.

    Eric Hines

  11. There are other ways to live free from mortgages and worries and stuff. When my wife and I were in Las Cruces, we built (that’s we built), with the help of our two fathers, a 2600ft 5/8 sphere dome. We did have to hire a contractor to do the plumbing and electrical work. When we finished and moved in, we owned it free and clear. And with no worries or stuff.

    And with rather more elbow room than any tiny house.

    Eric Hines

  12. Give me a square 40 or 160 acres with some wooded area and I’ll live out the rest of my life gleefully in Northern Minnesota or Wisconsin in a cardboard box with no electricity or running water. One of those little houses with a solar trailer parked next to it sounds like heaven.

    Although traditional off grid save the earth type I am not. I love venison way too much.

  13. I’m with the “anon” above, re: scamming the greenies. I’m not sure how spending $20,000.00 – $50,000, or $150.00-$350.00 per sq. ft. on structural construction (and that’s with no site prep, foundation, etc.) is exactly “gospel poverty” or whatever the priest-to-be said. OTOH, who are we (i.e., those of us who choose not to live $50,000.00 snowball stands) to tell others what their own home should be. I mean, isn’t this sorta like purple hair, “leisure suits” or gay marriage? And besides, don’t you get enough judging to do at the office without searching the WaPo for work ?

  14. PS – there was a “<GRIN"" at the end of the previous post, but since I put it in "” (without the quote marks), WordPress didn’t like it and removed it.

  15. Oliver W.T.F. Holmes,

    You are right. I should shut my pie hole. Who gives a shit about what I think about how other people live? Not one damn person is the correct answer.

    All the best.


  16. Oliver,

    WordPress does very strange things all the time. I have resolved to live with the weird way this platform works. Anyway, I’m sorry about that idiocy.

    All the best.


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