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  1. Congratulations on reaching this milestone. Here’s to another thousand 1,000. Best wishes for a Happy 4th of July.

  2. Does that mean you are batting 1000? I thought you were a football guy! Congratulations on your milestone and all the fun that this journey has brought to your readers.

  3. I have to call bullshit on you, Judge. There is record support for the criticism that you are loath to criticize your colleagues, and as this post is a retrospective, this seems like a fair place to do it.

    A quick review of all of your posts for 2015 shows that, while your criticisms of King John’s ignoble “court” were pointed and occasionally even intemperate, you criticized foie gras more often than you did your colleagues’ performance.

    Praise: Mark Bennett (Jan. 4), Dorothy Nelson (Jan. 6), J.W. Woodrough (Jan. 20), L.S. Camp (Jan. 28; Jun. 12), John Gerrard (Apr. 15; May 7), Richard Posner (May 7) (“national treasure”), Jed Rakoff (May 10), Stephen Reinhardt; Donald Lay (Jun. 1), Frank Hamilton (Jun. 10), Joe Batallion (Jun. 27).

    Also, Bob Rossiter (Jun. 11, candidate), and Ken Stephan (Jun. 9) (NE-SCt, retiring). No need to chronicle your praise for law clerks and support staff.

    Criticism: Mark Fuller, but only for his right cross. (His handling of the Siegelman prosecution was somewhat less-than-savory, which is why Salon disparaged him.)

    And this is no aberration. Praise in December went out to the “highly regarded” John Kane, the “venerable” Jed Rakoff, the “beloved and respected” Lyle Strom, the “distinguished jurist” Harry Edwards, and in November, to that “great trial judge,” Mark Bennett. You did have occasion to spank Judge Sutton for creating the Oberkfell minefield, but that was about it. Interestingly, you have not said a word about the substance of the jaw-dropping Scalia and Roberts dissents in that case, choosing instead to go after Posner for being his usual national treasure-ness.

    Former Justices (Jackson, Rehnquist) receive praise bordering on the obsequious. Roberts seems to be a special case, though he deserves excoriation for his SSM dissent.

    We get that you despise the “Tony”s. But apart from that, you tread gently, and seem overly lavish in your praise. Every judge is “distinguished” or “highly regarded.”

  4. I think 1000 posts is in fact the number that qualifies you as something other than virgin when it comes to blawging.

    Kopf lives! How and what he will do now, no longer being a virgin, remains to be seen…

    Could be trouble but I for one look forward to it!


  5. John,

    Thank you very much. I once said you scared me. You still do but in a good way. Like keeping me somewhat honest.

    All the best.


  6. Bob,

    Thank you for detailed response. It is convincing in some ways. The truth is Bob that most of the federal judges I know deserve praise. But I am not loath to take Posner and Kennedy to the wood shed. Given their status, I think, perhaps, I deserve more credit than you give me. Nevertheless, and as I said, your response is thoughtful and detailed. I shall give it real consideration in the future.

    Thank you very much for your engagement. I appreciate it.

    All the best.


  7. Cheers!

    When the zoning cops come for your deck extension, don’t worry, it’s been there for at least twenty years.

    Build it!l

    You might learn something.

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