How to comment on posts


Please note that comments are closed after so many days have passed following the post. This happens automatically. As of now (July 13, 2014), comments close after 30 days. I may change this cutoff if I think it best.

Some people have complained that is hard to figure out how to comment on my blog posts. Here are some directions for those like me who need help getting across the street and commenting on blog posts:

1. Focus on the left and upper side of the post near the left “margin.” You will see something that is intended to look like a piece of paper with an end folded over. Don’t click it. Just locate it.

2. Now scroll down the left side.

3. You will see something like this:

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4. It doesn’t matter whether other people have commented or not, just “click” on the area that has some derivative of the word “comment.”

6. When you click on the “comment” section that will take you a section where you may “leave a reply.”  If there are a lot of comments, you will have to scroll down to get to the section.

7. You will see:


8. Make your comment in the box, fill in the little form that follows the reply section and hit enter.

9. Regarding the form you fill out, I don’t publish identifying information.  You can post without giving your name publicly, but I will have access internally to the data on the form.

10. I do not moderate comments, but I have Rules.



10 responses

  1. Derivative? Isn’t that what got banks into trouble a few years ago? Are we trading derivatives on speech, now?

    Don’t click it. Just locate it.

    But I want to click on it. Voices tell me to click on it. You wouldn’t want me to disobey my voices, would you?

    Eric Hines

  2. Eric,

    Never disobey your voices unless your arms are tied around your back in one of those fancy restraining suits. Thorazine can be an unpleasant alternative to compliance with those who don’t believe that your voices are real.

    All the best.


    PS Freud just whispered something to me, but I told him I never, ever thought such things about my mother.

  3. Thank you; I was afraid that the entire Judiciary had dived down a rabbit hole.

  4. Your comments on corporations are spot on. Thanks for the strong statement. ( I was a corporate VP
    after Swarr May and can elaborate.)
    Best Regards,

    Rich Janney

  5. Please keep writing your blog! I just found this and as a lawyer with 35+ years in the business I find this real, refreshing and wonderfully thought provoking. Also, pretty witty with at times. Who said federal judges don’t have a sense of humor? And those that don’t should just STFU……

  6. God love you Rich. Keep up the observations. They are usually spot on and, at the least, thought provoking.

  7. FU Charlie,

    There is no chance whatever that I would ever make it to the SCOTUS. I agree with you that I can sometimes sound like a pompous asshole. I try to avoid doing so, but I frequently fail. All the best.


  8. Yes, heaven forbid he should ever make the supreme court arena! Honesty to himself and to the constituents would be horrible!(sarcasm for the ones that may not understand it) Your Honor, just reading about what you have done commands my respect. Thank you for serving the people.

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