Update –Hospital slows blogging and causes mistrial

Before Monday morning bench trial checked in at clinic.

Short summary:

1. Pet scan showed excellent results on lymphoma.

2. However, Pet scan showed big problem in both longs–direct admit to hospital.

3. Lung problem probably a result of one of the chemos drugs. This is a known risk of using that particular chemo drug.

4 As a long as I can walk absent human help and my blood oxygen level is .90 or above the plan is to go home Sunday.

5. Atter that, figure out modified cancer treatment going forward without offending drug.

6. I won’t be taking any trials for next sixty days at a minimum. Hearing and sentencing I will continue to handle

I will keep you know as I no more. Blogging will be slow.

All the best.


PS TO LAWYERS: My sincere apologies for mistrial of your important trial. As you know, a new judge will be assigned.  Undoubtedly less goofy!

Global warming, Al Gore and 98 degrees in Lincoln

Spending years defending farmers from environmental nuts, I know just enough about these true believers that the current mania with global warning has a decided bias built into it. I don’t know what the hell is really going on with our earth, but when the temperature hit 98 degrees yesterday (May 7, 2014) in Lincoln, Nebraska smashing all the records,* I thought of Al Gore.

Photo credit: Media.photobucket.com

Photo credit: Media.photobucket.com

The sweltering heat in May made me puke ’cause it prompted me to worry that Al might be just a little bit right. Hot air and Al Gore do, however, go together. So, maybe I should relax.


* This record topped the previous high of 96 in 1934.

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