The theft of time and an apology

I love James Lee Burke’s novels. If you haven’t read him, you are much the poorer for it. He understands writing. I would sell my soul to have his way with words. In one of his novels, Burke said something that particularly resonates with me now: “And like most middle-aged people who hear the clock ticking in their lives, I had come to resent a waste or theft of my time that was greater than any theft of my goods or money.” James Lee Burke, Heaven’s Prisoner’s, p. 218 (1988).

I am pressed for time. Three civil trials are impending in the next two months. One will take me out-of-state. Two are very high-profile. All three are hard. The criminal cases keep marching at me like animated toy soldiers in lock step.

So, here is the apology: Due to the theft of my time by my day job, I am falling behind in responding to readers’ comments on this blog or e-mail correspondence sent to me via this blog’s address. I know I am failing in this regard. For a while, at least, I will continue to be deficient.  I am sorry. Bear with me, please.


O Chanada

Photo credit:  s.yume's photostream (Canada's golden moment) per Creative Commons license.

Photo credit: s.yume’s photostream  (Canada’s Golden Moment, Vancouver Olympics, 2010) per Creative Commons license.

My first grandchild, Petra, loves Chanada even though at four years of age she can’t pronounce “Canada” properly yet. She can’t pronounce ‘merika either, even though she spells it like Michael Moore.  Her daddy Karel grew up, and her paternal grandparents live, in Canada. Karel, Petra and the rest of the family now hang their hats in China, across the bay from Hong Kong.

Anyway, behind the scenes, I can see how many folks from a specific country visit this blog.  I was surprised to see the number of hits from Canada today and yesterday.  They were way up.  Now, I am worried. I made some snide comments about Canada in my post regarding the movie Battle Earth.

To be clear, I love Canada, I love Petra and I love my son-in-law, Karel.  Karel is a helluva hockey player. He particularly endeared himself to me when he got into a good old-fashioned Canadian fist fight with a player from a Chinese national hockey team during a scrimmage in China.  Karel was skating for an ex-pat team of has been hockey jocks.

So, to Chanada, let me say I am sorry.  That said, I still think Canadian Bacon was the best movie ever made.  But, then again, John Candy was a Canadian.  So, everything is OK, right?


Image credit:  bhaggs’ photostream (John Candy Lives On) per Creative Commons license.


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