Cougars and calves and babies and Berettas

As I sit here in the high plains, I am thinking about lawyers and judges in large metropolitan areas. For what it is worth, I am persuaded that geography is more important to our collective endeavor than one might imagine.

In a prominent original piece in the Lincoln paper, I learned this morning that a “Mountain lion killed calf near Brewster.”  This is the “first confirmed instance of livestock depredation in Nebraska by a mountain lion in modern times  . . . .”  The rancher has now been given the right to shoot the lion if it appears again on his property.

The front page headline, above the fold, provided another original article about a gathering of gun wearing folks at a local steakhouse.  “Group wears guns to promote open-carry.” The story begins by recounting a woman walking into the joint “packing a 6-month old baby on one hip and 9mm Beretta handgun on the other.”

What were the headlines like in your paper today?  For most of you, I am betting what you read was vastly different from my morning news.  Somehow, I think that makes a difference for lawyers and judges. I am just not sure how.







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