Travels with Rich

This will be brief. I have to check out of the hotel room only to return on Sunday for week two. In the past, when I traveled on judicial business something weird would frequently happen to me. Weird is back.

One time, I flew to Washington D.C., to beg Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, then chair of the House Judiciary Committee, to make our “temporary” judgeship permanent.  As we landed I got really sick and the paramedics removed me from the airplane on a stretcher. To the amazement of a bunch of GI residents, turns out that Midwest Express’s breakfast included uncooked pineapple. I am one of a tiny group of people who are extremely allergic to raw pineapple. Cooked pineapple is just fine. Go figure.

On another occasion, I was driving back from our North Platte location (near the Colorado border) after the second attempt trying a fraudulent conveyance case to a jury. The jury returned a verdict, and I headed home. Near Aurora, Nebraska, my heart was attacked. After a short night in the tiny Aurora hospital and then a long ride in an ambulance to Lincoln, removal of the blockage in the heart plus two right side carotid surgeries to remove excess ick in my neck, everything turned out fine except for my case. Got reversed again on appeal. When I told the Circuit judge who reversed me twice on the North Platte case that I thought he was trying to kill me, he gave me one of those wicked Circuit judge smiles–like a wolf baring its teeth.

This time, I am sitting on the bench and my left leg feels strange. I am having difficulty getting my left shoe on in the morning. By Wednesday evening, the leg is swollen from hip to ankle. I feel and look like the elephant man. Go to the emergency room. Emergency room doc says I have a blood clot according to the ultrasound machine. With blood thinner by injection, and some oral medication, I am able to limp out of the hospital. I can continue with the trial. My doc at home says he will change the oral meds over the weekend and before I return next week. No real danger, but very uncomfortable. Why did the clot form? Since I don’t have a history of such things, no one knows. Weird, weird and weird.

After trial today, I will head home for the weekend. I will return here Sunday night. I may have to wear a slipper on my left foot until the swelling goes down. None of  my slippers go well with my robe. I never could accessorize–“badda bing, badda boom!

Legal realism anyone?


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