More bull shit from the humorously named “Center for Public Integrity”

Using inaccurate and incendiary language, like “Federal judges plead guilty” and “Juris imprudence: Litigants reeling after judges admit conflicts of interest,”  here is more bullshit from the Center for Public Integrity on federal judicial ethics.  As I have said before, those folks wouldn’t know a thing about judicial ethics if it bit them in the ass. This time around the Center investigated whether federal appellate judges decided cases in which they may have owned equity interests in a party. They found a few.

To be precise, they found “0.02 percent of the 109,000 total cases decided in the U.S. Courts of Appeals over the last three years” involved such a problem. If anything, this analysis proves that the present system of conflict checking for financial interests in a party is about as close to perfection as a human can design. Clearly, the Center looks for any little error in an effort to drive judges out of the stock market altogether. Since I don’t own stocks, I don’t give a damn. That’s my choice, but this bunch is not going to dictate to me what investments I own.



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