A wall with Hall

Cecilia Hall, middle blocker, Nebraska Volleyball

Cecilia Hall, middle blocker, Nebraska Volleyball

I have previously blogged about “The Incredible,” otherwise known as Cecilia Hall, from far away Sweden, who plays for Nebraska’s volleyball team while achieving Big Ten academic honors studying biochemistry. On Wednesday evening, Joan and I watched, with 8,281 other fans, as Ms. Hall blocked 11 shots (a huge number and a career high) against Illinois, a team that fielded a six-foot six outside hitter. The Omaha World-Herald account of the match carried this headline, Huskers put up a wall with Hall.

Ms. Hall’s performance was special. What made the performance especially memorable is that her parent from Sweden were able to attend the match and watch their daughter amaze. It was the first time they had seen her play for the Huskers. It was special night for a special young woman. For a time, I was able to forget about sending people to prison.


The incredible

The No. 10 Nebraska women’s volleyball squad beat No. 8 Minnesota last night in three sets. It was a huge win, and Joan and I enjoyed watching it with 8,000 or so other fans here in Lincoln.

This morning, I must write about an amazing young woman by the name of Cecilia Hall, from far away Sweden, who plays for Nebraska’s volleyball team. Here are the highlights:

  • As a biochemistry major, she earned Academic All Big-Ten honors last year.
  • She never played volleyball until her 8th grade (which is very late in the volleyball world). Instead, she excelled in track. She competed in the long jump, high jump and triple jump as a school girl. When she was 15, she earned a gold medal in the indoor high jump during the Swedish Nationals.  She also earned gold and bronze medals in two Swedish Nordic Championships.
  • The sophomore is unbelievably athletic, as a sports writer recently witnessed“Cecilia Hall’s athletic prowess stands on its own merits, but the sentence had barely left the questioner’s mouth before she provided proof. ‘Your coach says you can even walk down the court on your hands,’ the questioner asked. ‘Yeah. Wanna see?’ Hall asks. Before you can say another word, Hall, Nebraska’s 6-foot-3 middle blocker, has done a literal 180 before your eyes, her height now towering heels-over-head in a Devaney Center hallway, the soles of her shoes coming perilously close to the ceiling. ‘If they had big people in Cirque du Soleil, she could be in that,’ Husker volleyball coach John Cook said. . . . ‘She’s 6-3. She touches 10-foot-6 (jumping). She runs like a deer. She is quick, Cook said.”

In my book, Cecilia Hall is “The Incredible!”


Hall "Skies"

Hall “Skies”

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