Fed Soc–Congratulations to the Columbia Law Review for winning the ATL video contest

The Federalist Society is active at many law schools. It has come to be known by others as “Fed Soc.” I prefer to call it the “Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Rich White People and a Few Other Superior Souls” (or “White Soc.“). Please do not confuse Fed Soc., (“White Soc.”), with the American Constitution Society (ACS). The motto of ACS is: “We love poor black people almost as much as we love puppies and kitties.” Thus, “Black Soc.” They too are active in the law schools.

Anyway, the Columbia Law Review won the 2015 ATL video contest. Entitled Fed Soc., here is the very funny video*:

By the way, life truly imitates art. See below:

Congratulations Columbia.


* To clearly understand the hysterical lyrics, I strongly suggest that you use the closed captioning option by clicking on “cc” on the right side of the screen after the video begins to play. 

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