Are New York cops special?

Scott Greenfield has been like a dog with a bone on the awful behavior of New York cops (e.g., here), and their mouthy union president, regarding the cops turning their backs on the Mayor of New York in a very public show of disdain.  The cops expressed their open disrespect for the Mayor following the killing of two perfectly innocent New York City police officers.

Photo credit: AP Photo / John Minchillo

Photo credit: AP Photo / John Minchillo

For what it is worth, I strongly agree with Scott that such behavior is disgraceful. It represents an intolerable insult to the voters of New York and, what is far worse, a not too subtle attack on the important principle of absolute civilian control over the police. This is true no matter what the cops think of the liberal Mayor.

I wonder whether the behavior of these police officers and their union president is unique to the cop culture in New York? My question is a serious one, albeit perhaps naive. Are New York cops special?

Any guesses?



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