If you want a story to make you weep with joy read the newspaper article cited below

Guide dog throws himself in front of a bus, JournalStar.com (June 10, 2015).

This article is copyrighted and so is the photo of the hero dog. But, the article refers to events in Brewster, NY.  How a Lincoln, Nebraska paper derived the information and photo for copyright purposes poses an interesting legal question.

That copyright question aside, the newspaper piece proves again what I know in my heart. Dogs are sentient creatures capable of feeling love. See, e.g., Elvis, Zoey and fall in Nebraska, Hercules and the umpire (November 10, 2013) (“Elvis and Zoey are our dog-friends.”) and Elvis, Zoey and the dog in the box, Hercules and the umpire (May 9, 2013) (“Most mornings, I get up early. I often visit the dog friends, Elvis and Zoey. They live across the fence.”).


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