Classin’ up the joint

Joan and I went to the Article III Judges dinner last night to kick off the Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference in Omaha. We privately laughed at ourselves and remembered 1992 when we attended our first such dinner after I had become an Article III judge. At that dinner we giggled about the old age of the judges and their spouses. I was 45, and that was then.

But this is now. I had a chemo infusion yesterday morning. Lucky me, that induced a bloody nose last evening sitting next to the genteel, funny and brilliant Judge Susan Weber Wright from Little Rock. She pretended not to notice as I skulked away from the table and returned with Kleenex up my nose.

The following photo depicts what I found when I got home, and looked in the mirror. I added Joan’s comments for context. You want legal realism, you got legal realism.

No, that tissue sticking out of your nose, that you thought was crammed high enough to miss, is nothing to be embarrassed about. It makes you look distinguished.

Joan to Rich: “No, that tissue sticking out of your noseĀ is nothing to be embarrassed about. It made you look distinguished. Old coot!


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