Evil by the numbers–I don’t want to write today, fuck you

I don’t want to write today. Fuck you.

Joan and I had a small tiff last evening. I went to bed without saying “good night.” I awoke this morning in pain. I had slept on my right side. The right ear covered with shingles hurt like a spook in the night had used a Bic® to set it ablaze. The medication had worn off, and the pain had returned. This morning, early, I swallowed, gulped really, the pills and prayed (ironic choice of words) for the pain to recede.

My consciousness last night and this morning filled with the slaughter in Charleston. The TV had brought me video of the inside of the sanctuary. How beautiful it was. But, there, in all that beauty with specters of black slaves floating in the air, a white man had sat for an hour with a small prayer group. I’m not sure what the prayer group was discussing, but I know all the group, save for the single white man, were gentle souls. Lambs almost. And then the evil white man slaughtered nine of them. I wonder if they screamed like lambs do when a butcher cuts their throats. The imagined scene in that beautiful place is pornographic. A snuff film plays endlessly in my mind.


I am consumed by the thought of evil. I don’t want to write today, but I have already said that. So, what? Fuck you. I don’t want to write because that causes me think of evil. I can’t get it out of my mind. I am mad at Joan, you, the reader, and the world. I hurt like a son-of-bitch. Call me Judge Job.

Evil is all around us. About 2 percent of any population is evil (psychopathic) with another 10 or 15 percent falling into the grey area. See, e.g., Roderick Tweedy, The God of the Left Hemisphere: Blake, Bolte, Taylor and the Myth of Creation, pp. 158-159  Karnac Books (January 4, 2013) (citations omitted). That means evil is around us in huge numbers. By the way, I equate “evil” with the word “psychopath”–a violent person with no empathy. See, e.g.William HirsteinWhat Is a Psychopath?, Psychology Today (January 30, 2013).

Take the two percent figure and multiply it by America’s population of 320 million. The Google calculator will spit out the number 64,000 6.4 million. If you consider the “grey area” and reduce the low number of 10 percent to 5 percent just to be safe and multiply that against 320 million the Google calculator will spit out 160,000 16 million. In short, the number of evil, psychopathic, people in our country is staggering.

I don’t want to write today. Fuck you.


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