Flog this blog, please!

This post is directed to lawyers who practice in federal court.  Federal judges can chime in too (anonymously if they like). In fact, anyone can add their two cents worth. But, mostly, I want to hear from federal practitioners.

One of my main purposes in writing this blog was to use this new medium as an educational device about the federal trial courts and the judges who serve there.  Now, some 450 plus posts into this endeavor, it strikes me that I ought to get a read on what federal practitioners don’t like about this blog.

Put on your big boy and big girl pants, and tell me honestly about the things that you hate about this blog, things you wish I would ignore, things I ignore that you would like to see, writing style, bad words, judicial ethics and criticisms like that.  I DO NOT want pats on the back. I want real criticism.

So, if you get a moment, add a critical comment about what you don’t like.  Be tough and honest. Good snark is always appreciated.

Let the flogging begin!



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