Fed Soc–Congratulations to the Columbia Law Review for winning the ATL video contest

The Federalist Society is active at many law schools. It has come to be known by others as “Fed Soc.” I prefer to call it the “Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Rich White People and a Few Other Superior Souls” (or “White Soc.“). Please do not confuse Fed Soc., (“White Soc.”), with the American Constitution Society (ACS). The motto of ACS is: “We love poor black people almost as much as we love puppies and kitties.” Thus, “Black Soc.” They too are active in the law schools.

Anyway, the Columbia Law Review won the 2015 ATL video contest. Entitled Fed Soc., here is the very funny video*:

By the way, life truly imitates art. See below:

Congratulations Columbia.


* To clearly understand the hysterical lyrics, I strongly suggest that you use the closed captioning option by clicking on “cc” on the right side of the screen after the video begins to play. 

It isn’t only left-leaning judges who get into “ethics” trouble

During the discussion last week about Judge Scheindlin. and the Second Circuit, several commentators suggested that it was only left-leaning judges who seemed to get into ethics problems. I did not think that was so, and today I will provide an example of why I don’t think that is so.

Consider the most recent attack on Judge Diane Sykes of the Seventh Circuit. She interviewed Justice Thomas on stage at the Federalist Society’s recent dinner “gala.” Because she allegedly did that at a “fund-raiser,” Representative Louise Slaughter, Arn Pearson, Vice President for Policy & Litigation, Common Cause, and Nan Aron President, Alliance for Justice filed a complaint with the Seventh Circuit against Judge Sykes. See here for the complaint. The only problem was that the dinner lost money and did not serve to raise funds, so said the Federalist Society. See here.

First, two observations about the creepy Federalist Society and its equally strange double, the American Constitution Society (ACS). Here they are:

* The Federalist Society and the ACA are like the Girl Scouts and the Camp Fire Girls of my youth. They wear matching uniforms, parade around mouthing similar slogans, and specialize in making macaroni art that is inedible. In the main, however, they are harmless.

*For among other reasons, I never attend Federalist Society or ACS gatherings ’cause I don’t appreciate fine wines. See attached photo.

Second, just as Judge Scheindlin was subjected to an allegation that she violated the Code of Conduct for United States Judges, Judge Sykes was targeted during the same time frame with an allegation that she too violated the Code. Judge Scheindlin and Judge Sykes do not share the same views on many things. But, neither one deserved the smack.

Finally, and what follows is the important point. The next time you hear that a federal judge has violated the Code of Conduct, think about that claim as a “drive-by shooting.” 


RGK's box wine on the beer 'frige in the garage

RGK’s box wine on the beer ‘frige in the garage

The “obstruction” call and legal reasoning–the winners and the coveted prize

I have carefully examined the arguments in favor of my hypothetical proposition that the ump screwed the pooch on the obstruction call. Jay Rempe (October 28, 2013 at 1:50 pm) and Gov’t IP Lawyer (October 28, 2013 at 2:40 pm) tied for best brief. Accordingly, they are both declared winners.

Their arguments using textualism, with old testament vigor, to arrive at the desired result warrant high praise indeed. Accordingly, each of them should send me their postal addresses via this blog’s e-mail address (find it here). In return, I will send them the envy producing prize. That is, both will receive a “Gold Tone Lapel Pin with Madison Head” proudly displaying the “Federalist Society” name and costing the undersigned five bucks a pop. It just can’t get any better than that!


PS I was tempted to award a second place prize to Nate Brunner (October 28, 2013 at 6:11 pm) since, as I remember it, his accuracy as a catcher throwing to third base was about as good as Saltalamacchia’s, but I decided against awarding prizes based on pity alone.

A burning question about the Federalist Society and the American Constitution Society

Do you think it significant that you can buy a red tie from the Federal Society store, but you can only buy a blue tee shirt from the American Constitution Society store?  Although I might be wrong, perhaps the answer can be found in the proper method of constitutional interpretation.

RGK20070406_RedTie3white_tshirt (1)

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