A plea for mercy on the Fourth of July

As everyone knows, I like dogs much better than people. See here for Elvis, Zoey and our “dog in the box.”  I also know that the Fourth of July wouldn’t be the same without fireworks.  Indeed, when Keller went off to college we found a whole stash of fireworks under his bed–I would have much preferred dirty magazines.  Anyway, here is my plea for mercy for my dog friends: Remember that every time you fire off one of those damn things, some poor dog goes batshit.

Photo credit: Courtesy Tampa Bay Humane Society.  See also 5 tips to help your pets during the Fourth of July fireworks

Photo credit: Tampa Bay Humane Society. See also here for tips on how to help your dog when your neighbors act like assholes.

So, shoot ’em off if you must, but as the sun sets and evening comes on the Fourth, drink your beer, eat your burger, but stop torturing my friends. Recall what Will Rogers said, “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” If you absolutely must satisfy some base need for cruelty, give your sniveling little kid or small grand child a hot sparkler. That’s when the fun on the Fourth really begins.



A bittersweet Fourth

I was going to write something that would hopefully be funny but in any event snarky about boys and firecrackers.  That brought to mind, Keller, our son.

Keller loved to blow shit up on the Fourth.  Ten years after he left for college we were still finding fireworks stashes all over the house.  He lives now in Australia with his sweet boy Fletcher, and his bright and gorgeous wife Stacey.

I wish Keller were here now to blow shit up.


Note to Emily Bazelon: For Christ’s sake, real people are not fireworks fodder

Perhaps she didn’t mean it the way I took it, but I found Ms. Bazelon’s concluding remarks about the three people nominated to the D.C. Circuit today and what may happen to them in the Senate to be depressing beyond belief.  Apparently itching for a fight, and (fairly, in my view) excoriating the Republicans for their mistreatment of judicial nominees, Bazelon concluded her Slate article this way: “And the third option is that GOP stonewalling finally pushes Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to smash the filibuster to bits, or at least blunt its power to kill the president’s judicial and Cabinet nominees.  . . .  [T]he third would be the best fireworks.”  Emily Bazelon, Obama’s Fight Song (Finally) The president is getting aggressive about his judicial nominees. It’s about time, (Posted Tuesday, June 4, 2013, at 5:03 PM) (emphasis added).

We are talking about real people who have real lives, real families and real feelings.  They ought not to be thought of as fodder for the “best fireworks” that some liberal (or conservative) commentator is desperately hoping will provide more grist for the stupid and venal Washington mill.


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