The Bestest System Around–Jeff Gamso

Photo credit: Windypundit and Mark Draughn.

Photo credit: Windypundit and Mark Draughn.

My post yesterday regarding Judges Kane and Rakoff and innocent people pleading guilty drew a response from Jeff Gamso. See here.

Jeff is a very bright guy, a highly regarded criminal defense lawyer (from my hometown once upon a time), and a helluva a writer. I urge you to read what he has to say. I also look forward to reading his suggestions that he promises will come in subsequent posts about how the system might be improved.

I hope Jeff concentrates on the federal system. In particular, I hope he tells me whether he wants federal district judges to get all up in his business as he negotiates pleas. Additionally, I hope he tells me whether guilty pleas by innocent people in federal court represent a significant problem or whether such events are rare. If he thinks there is a significant problem, I would be very glad to learn upon what basis he concludes that is so.


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